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Good day to you. May I introduce myself as Flute, better known as Kafluto? 'Tis yet another dazzling day in this area which we call the Pacific Northwest, more specifically, Kenmore. It fills me with an iresistable urge to go yonder and sniff the wilted flowers and bask in the non-existant sunshine. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to sound cynical back there.
What I'm really trying to get across to you is that this Earth is a beautiful thing, frequentlky overlooked by the inhabitants, scurrying about with their jobs, which too become meaningless. Sometimes you just need to stop and watch an ant make its way back to it's nest, listen to the birds call each other, and try to decipher what their meaning could be. Sigh.

Kafluto Dieneho
clothes: anything he feels like. But usually wears sunglasses, and a red puffy jacket.
occupation: warrior, enviromentalist
weapons: two curved swords
misc: shape changes, bonded to Kudo, favorite number is 7, coincidentally has 7 fingers
age: 6
fear/phobia: water (can't swim)
personality: depressed/cheerful/mysterious
species: Namekian
eye color: doesn't have one
hair color: N/A
pet peeve: prejudice
nickname: green bean
height: 7'0

Home, Sweet Home