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Jerono Miryama. That is my name. I am the eldest of Jeremy and Jeremiah, who thinks he's the best in the world. What an egomaniac. Everyone knows I'm the best.
I have been accused of causing mass destruction and suffering. Not true, of course. No, I'm a little more subtle than that. I prefer putting curses on people. That is my specialty, along with mind control and such. Everyone on this site has been cursed by me. Jeremy, I made him wear a pink bow in his hair, and when it was taken out, 'he' became a girl. Andreas, I made an android, and she became evil when sneezed. Flute and Kudo I bonded together, since they were so different I figured they would hate it. When they coughed, they switched forms. Okay, strike what I said earlier. Kasey and Derek have not been cursed. Unfortunately, I lost my strength and undid all the curses so they wouldn't kill me. Now that I am so weak, They think I'm 'nice', and almost regard me as a friend. Don't worry. I'll be back.

Absolutely Muffin!
Jerono Miryama
pet peeves: being sent to a therapist, being outdone by my brothers and being called a wuss.
hair color: navy blue
eye color: bright blue
favorite color: navy blue, red, and white
species: cyborg
personality: evil/wussy
age: 26
misc: has extremely low pain threshold. Loves cats (specifically, kitties). Has a caffiene addiction.
weapon: psycic powers (i.e. reading minds, mind control, telekinesis), and scientificness
fear/phobia: malls (don't ask), dogs
occupation: evil scientist (who isn't?)
clothes: leather jacket, inside-out tank top or t-shirt, jeans or khackis (sometimes cut offs)

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