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Hello. They call me 'Cool Man Derek'. Alright, I'll admit not really, but it's okay to imagine things, right? My motto always was 'listen to the voices in your head'. They're probably a lot more friendly than others ya might run into. So, just keep cool, relax.

Derek Azules
nicknames: Macho Man, James Bond, Blue
pet peeve: people who take one look at me, and stay perfectly calm
hair color: orange, with yellow and red highlights
eye color: bright blue
favorite color: orange
species: android
age: 24
personality: cool/macho/psyco
misc: Jeremy's alter-ego. Has an English accent. Likes cauliflower in ketchup. Has a serious caffiene problem. fear/phobia: caffiene deprivation
clothes: grey shirt, tan trenchcoat, black leather gloves, bright blue sunglasses
occupation: spy (shh! you shouldn't have told them that!)

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