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Hello, how (cough) nice to meet you. I want to debunk any thoeries of me being related to Jeremy and Jerono. Many of the people on this site claim to be the best, but, well, they're all wrong, obviously. Like even needed to tell you that, but some people are very thickheaded, especially my non-existant brothers. I'm tired of talking to you commoners, and I don't even know why I started in the first place. Oh, yeah. Kasey made me. Kasey, my non-existant twin's girlfriend, who only has a lunchbox to defend herself, but the whole group cowers in fear when she threatens to use it on them. What wimps. I try not to associate with them to much, for fear their wimpiness will rub off on me. Then there's girl called Mercedes who is the sister of one of my enemies, who likes me, despite all my attempts to be as annoying as possible. Of course, they could complain a lot more about me. My work has paid off.

Jeremiah Miriyama
(Loki Legato Lawrence III)
nicknames: The Almighty Annoying One, Bullfrog
pet peeve: my non-existant brothers
hair color: navy blue, with light purple streaks
eye color: bright blue
bullfrog, weasel kinda sorta human (doesn't act like it)
personality: snooty, annoying, pain in the (censored)
misc: is obssessed with money and hates girls, for some reason which I think I'll have to seriously hurt him over
weapon: gun
clothes: V neck sweater, tie, khaki pants, shoes so shiny you can see your face in them
fear/phobia: mice
occupation: driving everyone insane

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