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This layout was created and customized by yours truly! I hope you like it!

October 27, 2003: Saiyan Anime Planet has been totally updated!!

Please send in fan art and fan fiction!! I have a good amount now, but still, it's always welcome!

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Keep an eye out for Tenchi Muyo GXP, which will be available March 9, and the brand new continuing series of the OAV, Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki!


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August 25, 2002

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Welcome to Saiyan Anime Planet!

As the webmaster of this site, I try my best to provide you with a reliable source of quality anime images, information, artwork, media, and more. This site includes both the Dragon Ball and Tenchi anime series', and was created to offer various content for both. Fans of all kind are undoubtly welcome here to use or submit what they please. I hope you enjoy your visit to my little piece of the web. I will try to keep this site as up-to-date as possible as it continues to grow. Thanks for visiting! -- Jaz

Update: July 26, 2004 - What?!! An update?! Are you kidding me?!!!
Yes! Believe it or not, I updated my site!! No kidding... Well, anyway, I'm trying to fix this wreck of a site up somewhat, even though there are a bunch of links to the main content areas still down (and will most likely stay like that). And the f%@#ing crappy stupid ads are annoying the hell out of me! They're screwing everything up and keep popping up and such, I'm starting to be very angrified with angelfire... grrrrrness.... please bear with it though. I can't believe I'm still getting visitors and such though, so thanks for your kindness and time! Sorry I can't offer more for now. News! Just got a new affiliate - Immortal Blades!! So cheer you ignorant masses!!! Yay, whoop whoop!! (plus, his site's better than mine...! 0.o) The reason for my absence is, well, multiple things, so I won't go into detail... but one of my many ongoing projects is my new site (and domain! ^^), which will probably take some time to finish, so don't expect it until later.... will be called Alchemy Anarchist (and will be very cool, so be excited! I am!) I made a new site actually, but I'm already sick of it.... I'll try stop being so lazy though because my summer is already approaching a close... Oh and also, I dropped a bunch of affiliates because they died on me (sad, isn't it?).
Ready for the long road ahead.... (tumbleweed rolls by)

Update: January 26, 2004 - Lack of Updates
Sorry for the lack of udates! I haven't being doing much for my site lately (for your viewing anyway). But I did get another affiliate, and added some things. There's more fan art, and the layout was fixed alittle. There's also some upcoming content - Emulators/Roms, and free buttons/banners for your site. Again, sorry, but a bunch of the pages are down. Everything will be fixed soon.

Update: January 5, 2004 - Enter Page! (Yes, I'm sure you've seen it...)
Yes! There is now an enter page to my site! Why you ask? Because Saiyan Anime Planet is now available in frames! I like frames because it's less work for me, but because I'm so kind and generous (yeah, right) I'm giving you, the fans, the option of either or! Which ever you prefer - it's up to you. Both versions contain all the same, great content. Not right now though, because the frames site is currently under massive construction. It doesn't really have anything right now. But it will. Soon. Anyway, Shinen Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu - Happy New Year!

Update: December 22, 2003 - More Affiliates
Hey Everybody! Merry (almost) Christmas! Well, I haven't gotten to many of the updates I promised, so sorry about that. All the MIDI's are up, as well as two Tenchi Muyo music videos for download, and the mp3s are next. I also got two great new affiliates, JapAnimation - The Anime Source, and Dragonball ZT Kingdom. Please visit their sites! I guess that's it for now. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some real updating during the winter break. Enjoy the holiday season! Sayounara!

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