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The Guild News

Welcome to the guild New section here you will find every thing you need to know about up coming events and activitese pluse reports on the big events!

Important and up coming events!

We are happy to anounce that were haveing a raffle! Go to kikiugly24 and by a rotten berry for 350np to be entered! Also don't for get to get you free food when your there!
The new Suzhushii central is the place to find all of your needs with a toy shop, Magick shop and links to other cool things! Come and check it out to day!

Event reports!

This week we have just a regular artical on one of the guilds top issues!

Hackers are one of the biggest problem on all of neopets scamers being the second. There are a few simple things you hear over and over again that really do protect you from them.

One NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD! No mater what no one need your password but your self. And as were talking about them you need to make sure you password is something hard. Donít use any part of your user name or simple words such as smile, pass. If you have trouble write them down and keep them in a safe place. This is how 50% of all scammers ďhackĒ your account and 100% of hackers do.

Two Donít fall for scams such as type this here or repeat this and youíll get some thing. Those right there can get your account frozen. Another one is give me some really expensive item and youíll get a secret. They never work and your out a really expensive item if not your account frozen. Now another really big scam that I see all the time is Iím leaving neopets and giving this account to the highest bidder. Number one if there leaving then why do they want the highest bidder? And two you never allowed to sell your account on neopets. These are just the big scams there are other like the fake log in pages and the one were you have to give items to get them to join your guild. Remember most people lose an account to just not fallowing the rules.

Three if you do lose your account and have it frozen you can contact the neopetsteam via a form. There are a few things you may want to keep in mind when doing so. One be really nice ask donít demand. Two donít get up set if they say no, remember it is there web site and when you singed up you agreed to a set of terms. Three state your case clearly and remember some times you have made the mistake so be ready to accept that and donít wine about it Ďk no one wants to here about it. Some times you can get your account back other time you canít the important thing to remember is that this is all a game so have fun and be safe!


Link out for the week!

Here you can find a great site! This week it is Anipike One of the largests site contaning links to Anime and game sites!


Neomail guardianterra if you would like to place some thing here!


dragon_lover1000 Congratulations M.O.T.M.! Keep being a wonderful and active member of our guild!


Get your food from the food shop!!! Don't forget!
Also may contests still need people to enter them!!!!!!


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