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Original Fiction

January 5, 2004
Well, I'm back and not dead. Does anyone come 
to this site? Hm. Oh yeah the scam thing. 
Well, I've had suspicions about
since the beginning but being published 
sounded pretty good. Thanks to a friendly 
e-mail I can now confirm to you (if you were
under a rock like I was) that is 
a huge scam. They make you pay 70 bucks for 
their crappy books that your poem is "published"
in, claim you are so great, and today I got an
invitation to a "convention" in Florida and 
all it'll cost me is just 600 bucks. Well, all
they got out of me was the $10 deposit on the 
book. Ha. So anyway you should steer clear of 
the site. I don't know if I'll write anymore
poetry though. I feel so cheapened by this whole
experience. They had me thinking I was good, 
bastards. That is until I read the other poems
in that book. Geez. Maybe I'll write again. If I
can prove to be good enough to myself. Meh.

I've decided to stop my writing method of 
"A.E.S.O.P." as it currently is (episodes). I'm
now writing it as a book. Mainly because, well, 
I want to do it like that. So when I finish 
converting the episodes into a book (chapters) 
I'll have them up.

         "RuKuS" ♠

October 10, 2003
Sorry, lack of updates and all. I put up a new poem, 
it's called "So In Love". Check it out.

         "RuKuS" ♠

September 13, 2003
The original idea was to have a my friend Jazz 
draw up the pics for the characters in my stories, 
but he's been busy and hasn't had a chance to do it. 
I'm not the greatest artist, but I put up a pic in the 
Art section of Whispers from Heaven. So, check it 

          "RuKuS" ♠

August 24, 2003
New site layout! Yeah it sucks but hey I'm 
still working on my html skills. I've gone through 
the site checking everything but if you find any 
errors, let me know.

   In other news, I submitted my poem "Come With 
Me (Journey)" to and I'm a semi-finalist 
in their monthly contest. Not only that, it will 
also be published in their new poetry book 
entitled Eternal Potraits due out sometime this fall. 
Not too shabby, eh?

            "RuKuS" ♠

August 13, 2003 Things haven't exactly been going according to plan. I haven't gotten a chance to even start the new parts of either story to be honest. I'm wrapped up in other things at this point in time but they WILL get done. I'm actually focused on advancing my HTML skills. As you can see from this site, I need a LOT of work:) My future plans as of this moment are to keep this site up and running and maybe revamp it a little. My immediate attention though may be to start another site to supply translation patches for various platforms. Sort of a hobby/passion/ something I've been meaning to do type of thing. Last but not least, I hadn't been to until recently and it seems they no longer host Orginal Fiction. So, my stories have been moved to a sort of sister-site called Fiction Press. They even supply you with your own short url. This is mine . You can find my stories there, and some of my poetry. Heh "RuKuS" ♠

Orig. Fic.
Episode 4

So In Love
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