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Chris' Homepage

Things to do here:


New pictures on the bottom of the list! i'll start putting *NEW* next to them too


July 9, 2003 - added some of the characters in the upcoming Manga I'm making.

April 23, 2003 - added a drawing of my friends and myself as little plush dolls. Also, I've recently been hooked to Naruto and decided to draw my favorite character from the anime, Uchiha Sasuke. Both drawings are at the bottom of the page! err..list of whatever I had...yeah..

February 26, 2003 - added yet another Black Magician Girl drawing because I love this character.

February 20, 2003 - added Sailor Moon Scout wannabe :D

January 29, 2003 - added another Black Magician Girl drawing at the bottom of the page.

Me and Rick: Rival Shet -Rik's original
Me: Dark Magicians -Yu-Gi-Oh!
Me: Elf Girl that's plain -Original
Peter: Majin Vegeta -Dragon Ball Z
Peter: Future Trunks w/ Sword -Dragon Ball Z
Me: Rival (Light) -Courtesy of Rik's Rival Shet
Me: My Chibi Ninja -Original
Me: Jill Valentine -Resident Evil
Me: Goten, Trunks, and Gotenks -Dragon Ball Z
Me: Dark Rival on fire - Courtesy of Rick Phan
Peter: Portrait of Gohan - Dragon Ball Z
Peter: Gojita - Dragon Ball Z
Me: Super Saiyan 3 Goku - Dragon Ball Z
Me: Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Me: Gotenks - Dragon Ball Z
Me: Vegetto - Dragon Ball Z
Me: Malik Ishtar - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Me: Danyo's, mine, and Rick's ninjas - Original
Me: Majin Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z
Me: Harpie's Brother - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Me: Elfen Girl in (water) - Original
Me: Dark Magician Girl Flying Pose - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Me: Sailor Moon Scout wannabe - Original
Me: Dark Magician Girl Standing Pose - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Me: My Friends with various quotes - >:D
Me: Uchiha Sasuke - Naruto
*NEW*Me: Chris in Manga - Original
*NEW*Me: David in Manga - Original

Check back for more drawings weekly or monthly... Thanks -Chris

Lookie what I made!! CLICK!

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker