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Welcome to...


Home to the last four living members of a dying race, along with their companions the Guardians, they are working to bring it back! They are (using full japanese names first):

Tanpakuseki Tervadi Avitoriko, known as Opal
Zoutou Tervadi Avitoriko, known as Matthew
Oujo Tervadi Avitoriko, known as Sarah
Yasashisa Tervadi Avitoriko, known as Andreas

The Guardians


Friends of the Tervadi:
(Opal:"And fiances, hehehe..."):

Mirai no Torankusu Buriefu

(Opal: He's MINE, you hear!? MINE!!!)

This site is in progress!

PS: For those who are single and hopeful, stay away. Everybody is coupled here.
For those who are wondering who's with who, here's a list:
Opal and Mirai no Trunks
Myuusa and Matthew
Lugia and Andreas
Psyche and Ho-oh
The guardians can become humans if they like, so don't get evil thoughts.

This website is updated every Tuesday and Thursday during school,
and any old time on breaks.

Opal's Best Friend's Site
Opal: This is the site of my best friend, and her
multiple personalities (including my little sis, : ).
Kasey's the one who got me in contact with all of my
siblings, AND my kare (boyfriend).