Opal's Bio
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Its me!!!! I have this picture on my choir binder.

Welcome to my lair.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....!
I'm sorry, I lost it again, didn't I? Temporary snippets of insanity are a
common afliction among my friends and I.

Any way, you came here to learn about me, so here I am:

Name: Opaliana Tervadi Avitoriko, known as Opal

Matthew: Squirt
Sarah: Imoto-chan
Andreas: 'human' (She only recently learned of our heritage)
Lugia: Heart-sister
Ho-oh: ----
Psyche: ----
Myuusa: Feather-face
Trunks: (Opal: *turns bright red*

Age: One year younger than Trunks
Interests: Manga and Fanfics

Hey, if your wondering why this site centers around me... I'm the webmaster! Actually, my real-world counterpart is. Its complicated.

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