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Randi as Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh

Name: Randi
Nicknames: Kaltrider, Sexy Babe, Baby Girl, Cosmic B, Moonchild
Age: 19
Blood Type: Uuumm...well, I know whatever it is, it keeps me alive!
Favorite Music: Anything with a good beat that I can dance to
Favorite Foods: Tacos, spagetti, strawberry cheesecake, grape juice
Favorite Movies: Fallen, Anime movies, The Mummy
Favorite Animes: Sailor Moon, DragonballZ, Utena
Favorite Anime Characters: Anthy, Setsuna, Goten

Randi here! I really love chorus and music! Music is the center of my life. I also love the water and swimming. In my spare time I like hanging out with my friends, especially my boyfriend (sorry boys I'm taken). He's in that small center of my life with music. I currently go to school at Frostburg State University, but my family is in Taneytown, Maryland. They are times. I stand at five feet nine inches tall (pretty tall for a girl, huh?) and weigh in at 127 pounds (not bad!).

I was the third member of Outer Power, joining shortly after Chrissy (who now resides in Inner Beauty). Brittany asked me to join and I quickly snatched up the opportunity, though at first I wanted to be Venus. But then she informed me that it was an all Outer Senshi group (at that point in time before Inner Beauty) and that I had my choice of Neptune or Uranus. So I gladly took Neptune! Outer Power is a lot of fun and I'd advise anyone who is looking into the cosplay business to join a group! It's a lot more fun that way.