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Avian as Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe

Name: Avian
Nicknames:Ginger, Chica Peliroja, Leprechaun Chic, Willow
Age: 20
Blood Type: Mostly red in plasma (AKA I don't know!)
Favorite Music: Anything but Techno, hip-hop and some rap and country
Favorite Foods: Mexican and seafood
Favorite Movies: Stidmata, Sixth Sence, Signs, The Ring, Center Stage, Mr. Holland's Opus, O Brother Where Art Thou, Swordfish, Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Favorite Animes: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vision of Escaflowne, Angel Sanctuary, Devil Hunter Yohko, Record of Loddoss War, Vampire Princess Miyu, Gundam Wing, Marmalade Buy (Manga), Sailor Moon (Manga)
Favorite Anime Characters: Utena, Anthy, Merle, Yohko, Deedlit, Miyu, Yui, Duo, Lum, Sailor Saturn, Rio-oki, Chuchu, Pen Pen

Avian here, or whatever other name you want to call me. I am a sophomore at Gettysburg College. I love dancing and color guard. I play violin, cello, viola and oboe. I plan to major in Theatre and become an actress. I was in 2 plays at my high school, Francis Scott Key, Pillow Talk and Harvey.

Sailor Moon was my introduction into the world of anime. Actually what got me hooked was a random website. Saturn is my favorite planet, I don't know why it just always has been, and I was looking up info about the planet through yahoo and stumbled across a pic of Super Sailor Saturn, the one where she's on to playing card (I'll put it on my upcoming page), as well as her bio. I was amazed by her. I researched the series, and was soon watching it at 6 every morning. Then it came on Toonami and I was finally able to see Saturn in action. (She was going to totally kill that annoying little crybaby odango. Then became interested in other animes, like Tenchi and Gundam Wing. There were other animes I found on line and fell in love with as well.

I decided to go as Saturn because....she Kicks! When I first found out about cosplay I saw lots of awful Sailor Scout costumes, and I knew that if I could, I would go to a con with a good Saturn costume. Then Chrissy called me up and dropped the opportunity right into my lap! Our costumes were that best senshi ever, or so we were told. hehe

Although I love Saturn with a passion, I do not cosplay her well, I am much, much too hyper to play an outcast possessed child. I have cosplayed as Merle from Vision of Escaflowne, who is closer to my own personality. Outer Power always wants to sacrifice me to Wiseman when I am still perky at the end of a convention.

Avian's Costumes