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8/8/04- Posted Aluminum Studios music video review.

8/7/04- Updated my biography. Began Aluminum Studios music video review.

3/26/02- Posted Revolutionary Girl Utena review.

2/28/02- Posted Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust review by Camille Dexter.

2/15/02- Posted Gravitation review.

2/11/02- Posted Vampire Princess Miyu OAV review.

1/25/02- Posted Video Girl Ai review.

1/24/02- Posted Ranma 1/2 review.

1/23/02- Posted Angel Sanctuary review. Began Ranma 1/2 review.

1/22/02- Added my biography to the reviewers section. Finished Ah! My Goddess review. Posted Sailor Moon review.

1/21/02- Created main page layout adding space for reviewer biographies and updates. Began Ah! My Goddess review.

1/20/02- Posted Review of Ayashi no Ceres.

1/19/02- Began construction of Otaku Reviews by creating the list of anime which I will review.