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Fruits n Candy--Web Goodies 4 all!
Welcome to Fruits n Candy!

Fruits n Candy

founded: May 27, 2002

Pluck a delicious treat from our tree garden!

version: SNOW?
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Notes: You have to be a part of Neopets to see AHG[Anime Heavens Guild]

[1/25]I have a blog too. i guess I forgot to tell you ppl. but I've gotten bored of this site and I don't think I'll ever update. Or if I do, it'll be in the Summer. Sorry. =(
[11/9] Decided to be nice and tell you about where you can read great fanfics. My username's Saya- chan so later!
[10/13] Small addition to the sailormoon part of the adoptables
[9/20]lol been a while! Well the toy store has been added! I do come occasionally and i have some ideas ready to be made but I just haven't made them yet!
[8/22] "Find my Stuff" has been added. And maybe I'll add more stuff in the toystore before making it public
[8/20]'s the news..well I've gotten extremely bored with this site! I do have some other pages to put up such as the "toy store" and "find my stuff"..but I want more feedback from my viewers...please email me about stuff you want or recommend people here!
[8/14] I have joined a couple of cliques but I've finally joined a Dream Street one! I think Jesse is like sooo cute n kawaii!
[8/12] Don't worry I'm still up dating the site! The link buttons look better and I'm planning to add a lot of pages at the same time.
[7/30] The Prep Game is finished! Go see what it's about!
[7/26] I'm currently working on a hamster adoption and it's gonna be cool and then a little surprise for you all! A way for you guys to release your anger. Hint: it's a game!
[7/23] I'm thinking of adding some blinkies and maybe some backgrounds too.
[7/22] The E-cards have been take down because the server just didn't work! So until i find another server (which i will), the ecards will be down...
[7/21] I've finally added this update section! Now you can read about what's new at Fruits n Candy!

Things here were deleted. Sorry.

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