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My Top Thirty Things to Do

1. Get another webpage to work as a data storage area. 2. Put pics and music there 3. Type out info from GI on FFXII 4. Type out info from GI on FFX-2 5. Type release dates for upcoming/wanted games adn anime 6. Learn Thumbnails 7. Learn Frames 8. Incorporate those into the site 9. Update the Bikini Pics area 10. Get more FFXI pics 11. Get .Hack Pics 12. Write review for .Hack/Sign 13. Write review for .Hack/Infection 14. Get more DBZ pics 15. Add DAX/Bovadam as assistant webmasters 16. Start writing FFI FAQ 17. Put music up for downloadingk 18. Make another data storage area 19. Update FFI FAQ 20. Issue Coffee Cup to Bovadam and DAX 21. Find DB pics 22. Find Those Who Hunt Elves pics 23. Start New Layout 24. Start new sections 25. update FFI FAQ 26. Start recon disk space 27. Start FAQ for FFV 28. Update Release Dates 29. Update To Do List 30. Update FFI FAQ