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Legend of Legaia Review

This game had the graphics area, and music, at the time it was made. The story line wasn't all that great, because you only got three characters, and it was kind of repetitive, in my opinion. The battle system was good, a little like Xenogears, but with a 3d style to it, and more moves that are harder to get because you take a wild guess at the combination of keys to do it with, and you have no list until you learn a move. It's competeters were Final Fantasy 7 , and think that was it, so not very much on the competition. The music, was what I liked most in the game and one of the things that kept me going at it*I have yet to beat this game*, was excellent. It was one of the first 3d rpgs to have words said in battle, and have good music while you're at it, and the magic system is almost unique, but it's like a blue mage's, you get it from the enemy, yet on this game it's the only way to get magic. I like Final Fantasy 7 more than this, but I think it still deserves a 8.0 out of 10.

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