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Final Fantasy 7 Review

Ok, somebody kill me, I had another angry friend tell me that I forgot the materia explanation. I now had an angry friend tell me to give a higher rating... FF7 was a neat game, pretty good graphics for the time, good music, I had some favorites there, great characters, it's just the story line was kinda off to most people. The begining is boring to most people, because you go through two dungeons that look almost exactly the same. So, the beggining was a sleep through, but the rest of the game was pretty exciting, my favorite part being the part with Aeiris and Red 13 in the cage, but I'm not going into detail. The cinamas were kind of a let down because it's competiters, like Legend of Legaia, whiped it out, but they were better than nothing and better than the normal graphics. Yet, intriguing though, the battles had the best graphics, in my opinion... Now for the materia explanation that someone mailed me about. Ok, it works like this: you equip it to your weapon and then from there it either raises and or lowers you stats and gives you magic in exchange, or it just raises stats, happy people? I can't wait, because it seems square has plans to bring this 3 disc game to the game boy advance in a one cartridge game... Overall I give this game a 7.5 out of 10.