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Final Fantasy 1 Strategy Guide/FAQ

Final Fantasy 1 Faq

This is a FAQ on FF1 for the PSone. I'll eventually try to cover all characters in the game with any cooperations etc., but this will not be complete for a while.

I. Character and their Usefullnesses II. Gameplay. III. Revisions from NES Version IV. A. Starting the Game B. Leveling up... C. The Big Castle! D. *Gasp* The Bridge E. Little Witch Cave Thingy F. To the East We Go! G. The Pirates! H. More Leveling Up... I. To the ship... For more leveling up. J. Finally, the game moves on! K. To the Elvish Town! L. More... Leveling Up... M. North... the Dark Elven King. N. Supplies and to the Dreaded Marsh Cave... O. Back North to the Dark Elf! P. Wow... the Game Moves.. and no Leveling Up!

I. The Characters and Their Usefullnesses

1.The Warrior(Previously Fighter)

Ok, this snaz little dude is the basic bag of flesh to take out the enemies... and get the crap beat out of him. he gets the best defense in the game, and the best weapons... so if you don't have one, hey, this will be a long game.

Upgrades to: The Paladin

The benefits to this character upgrade are that he gets levels 1-3 white magic. Yay, this really isn't usefull at all!

The Other Opinion

Well, personally, I think it's an all right class, but I like the Monk better(realllllly cheap class )and it's also good for somebody that's not to good at RPG's.

2. The Red Mage(Prevously the Red Mage)

The hat... is... so... distracting... Anyway, this is by some, supposed to be the best character in the game... By me, the worst. So he gets white and black magic, but can't learn all of either, and he gets some better weapons and armour. Kinda like a mix between the figher and the mages.

Upgrades to: Red Wizard

The same, but gets more magic and a new look.

The other Opinion

Not enough spots to put all the magic you can buy for him. Oh, but he also has a better attack than the other two mages, and he also can equip better weapons than the other two mages.

3. The Thief(AKA, the Thief)

An ok class, it's high in speed and accuracy, but it lacks the brute strength of the fighter. I liked this classs, but it did make the game harder because I had to forfeit the monk.

Upgrades to: Ninja

Gets some black magic... a new appearance. The black magic is level 1-3. Match to the Warrior! We're SOOOO Happy!

The Other Opinion

Personally, I thought the thief wasn't worth using. The Ninja is definite improvement over the thief.(but it's still no Warrior!)

4. The Aw-Inspired Monk! (Previously Black Belt)

lOh, the strength! The CHEAPNESS!!!! Most reasonably the best and cheapest character in the game, he boasts a mixture between the Warrior and Thief, and the great thing is that he requires no weapon.


Still cheap... but gets a hell of a lot stronger.

The Other Opinion

Well, well, well, the good ol' Monk one of the cheapest characters in the game in more ways than one.First off youl never haft to buy a weapon for him and he can do masivities of damage.