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Dragonball Z Review

Ok, the first review. Overall standings of DBZ at this point are about 9.2 out of 10. The music was pretty good, and, well, most people hate it, but I like Funimation's opening music, for the movies I think, Rock the Dragon, which I will have up for download shortly, and if I don't have it, check my affliate here: in his multimedia section. The graphics and animation drawings were pretty good, but at points they did get lame. The story line is good, more over action than comedy, unlike it's predecessor Dragonball. The main character design and personality leftover from Dragonball was pretty good, but in my opinion, this series will never rival it's predecessor. This series goes through a guy named Goku's adult life, where he fights several people that are purely hopeless to fight. My fave character, as in all Dragonball series, is Master Roshi*Kame Sen'nin*. Then, it's Kururin.


The first guy Goku fights is Raditz, and Goku gets the help of old-time enemy Piccolo, they beat him, after discovering that Goku is from a different planet. Goku holding the tail of Raditz and Piccolo charging a large energy attack and killing them both. Goku goes to the Other World, and goes to train with King Kai, a very skilled master of martial arts, while Piccolo trains Goku's son, Gohan. This is all i can tell for now.