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BaD BaDtZ MaRu

BaD BaDtZ MaRu

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Welcome! This is my site to the all famous, badly tempered penguin dude, Bad Badtz Maru. Hope you like it here, and don't forget to sign my guestbook!

:: Badtz Maru Chat Room ::

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(hint: u can find the answers to the quiz on badtz's bio)

:: GaMeS ::

Take the Sanrio Character Test and see which Sanrio character you most resemble!

Wanna know your Sanrio Horoscope? Then click here to check which zodiac sign you are, and which Sanrio character that represents you.

Test your reflexes with the Badtz-Maru Knock Out Game and try to beat the highest score. [requires Macromedia Shockwave]

Wanna know which animal best represents you? Go and see the Mystic Pandaba's Chinese Zodiac for your blessings for the year.

PANDABA sees all and tells all. Go see Pandaba and get a free fortune at the Fortune Zone!

:: UpDaTeS ::

A new selection of AIM buddy icons have been added to the Sanrio Icons page. A whole new set of Mashimaro, Tare Panda and Buru Buru icons are now on display. Currently, along with building the biography pages, I am also considering adding a postboard to the site. Until then, keep coming back for new updates!




Badtz Maru IS a penguin not a duck or other crazy bird! Penguins cannot fly, and he cannot fly, so he cannot be a duck.

Badtz Maru's hair is not naturally spiked. He does not use gel either. He uses clothespins. Please view picture above to see how he does this amazing feat!

::Maru's Friends::

Good Hanamaru

Birthday: August 7

This little seal pup can make friends with anyone. She's the goody-goody, the mirror image of Badtz-Maru, and for that reason she understands her not-so-fine feathered friend better than anyone. (rumor has it, that Hanamaru is actually Badtz Maru's girlfriend)


Birthday: August 8

Not much is known about Pandaba, but that she is always down in the dumps; except when around Badtz and Hana, her best friends. Otherwise known as a rather odd girl panda.


Birthday: August 2

Some people keep watchdogs. Badtz-Maru keeps a watch-gator. No bark, all bite. Pochi is actually as nice a alligator can be. He amazes everyone on the playground as Badtz struts by, Pochi tagging along beside him.

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