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Konnichiwa and welcome to the fanart section where talented artists get their work displayed! I'm always looking for new art to put up so please e-mail me!!! No art will be rejected with the exception of anything hentai or offensive. I promise i will never criticize anyone's work, so please submit!!!!!! ^-^
Special thanks to my friend Atlantis Forester for submitting her incredible fanart! Love ya Lanti!!! ^-^

My Fanart:

My very first SS fanart
My second SS fanart
...not too good -_-
Behind the scenes of SCB
Just a sketch of Sakura and
my dream snowboard ^-^
A chibi (and innacurate)
sketch of my BF
dressed as Squall ^-^
Just a pic of Adam
looking cool ^^
My 2 original characters
as cute dolls
very happy ^-^
The inner me
Adorable, ne? ^^
Pyro, badass
with his sword
Chibi, half-
dragon Pyro
some chibi
Pyro expressions

Atlantis Forester's art:

An older version of Sakura
as an angel
A beautiful drawing of
Nadeshiko playing her violin
Older Sakura and
the cast of New Trials*
Older Sakura as Juliet
(guess who's Romeo ~_^)
Older Sakura in her uniform
Kawaii ^-^
Sakura on an
old wooden swing
An older version
of Tomoyo (so stylish ~_^)
The twins Eron and Erika
from New Trials*
Chibi Sakura and Tomoyo
KAWAII!!! ^o^
The Three Fates from
New Trials*
An original piece
entitled "Vines"
An awesome pic
of older Syaoran ^o^
Nadeshiko and Ryuuren's
Goodbye. From New Trials*
Another pic of
older Sakura
Super kawaii pic of
Takashi Yamazaki

New Trials*:The New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura, Syaoran and Friends. A Really great fanfic by Wish-chan! EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS!!!

Atlantis Forrester's Non CCS art:

Arabella Figg
(Harry Potter) Age 16
James Potter
(he's pretty good lookin! ^-^)
A beautiful Lily Evans
(Harry's mom)age 16
An older Lily
(so pretty ^-^)
Remus Lupin, age 16
Sirius Black age 16 @_@

Yukimi Takiro's art:
A super kawaii