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You may have seen this kind of thing on some other anime sites, so I guess this is just one more for you to look at. I'm gonna add Japanese words and there meanings and stuff like that, the reason why is you may see some words in Japanese on my site and you may not know what I'm talking about so you can look on this page and see.

The words are not in any kind of order (I'm not organized....oh well).

abunai- Look out! danger!

agemasu (ageru)- fly (a kite), raise

aimasu (au)- meet

aisatsu- greetings

aisu kuriimu- ice cream

aite- partner

akai- red

akarui- bright, light

akemashite omedeto gozaimasu- Happy New Year!

aki- autumn, fall

amari- not very (with negative)

ame- rain

Amerika- America, USA

ane- (my) older sister

ani- (my) older brother

ano- that...over there

aoi- blue-green

apato- flat, apartment

are- that one over there

arigato- thank you

arimashita- got it, here it is

arimasu (aru)-there is/are, have

aruite- on foot, walking

arukoru- alcohol

asa- morning, a.m.

asa-gohan -breakfast

asatte- the day after tomorrow

ashi- leg, foot

ashita- tomorrow

asobimasu (asobu)- play (verb)

asoko- over there

atama- head

atama ga ii- clever

atarashii- new

ato- after, later

atsui- hot

ba- bar

badominton- badmiton

bakari- only, nothing but

ban- evening

Bai-bai: Bye bye

Ja mata: See ya!

Ja ne: Later

Konbanwa: Good evening

Konnichiwa: Good afternoon. Hello

Ogenkidesu ka?: How are you?

Ohayo: Good morning

Ossu/Oi/Nee: Hey

Oyasumi nasai: Good night

Sarabada: Farwell

Sayonara: Good bye

Arigatou: Thanks

Domo arigatou gosaimasu: Thank you so much!

Domo arigatou: Thanks a bunch!

Dou itashimashite: Youre welcome

Gomen nasai: I am very sorry

Gomen: Sorry

Onegai: Please

Sumimasen: Excuse me

Chan: dear

Go: the language of a group. Saiyago is the language of Saiya-jin

Gou: number. Juunana-gou is #17.

Gumi: group or gang

Jin: person or people (ex. Saiyan-jin)

Kun: used for boys can be used between girls though in some occasions

Nai: Negation

Ojousan: young girl, someone elses daughter, miss, daughter(respect)

Saa: Okay, all right, well

Sama: great respect

San: respect, polite

Sempai: somebody older than you

Sensei: sir

Tachi: "and others"

Baasan: grandmother/aunt

Imoto: younger sister

Itoko: cousin

Jiisan: grandfather/uncle

Kaasan: Mother

Mago-masume: granddaughter

Masume: daughter

Musoko: son

Neesan: elder sister

Niisan: elder brother

Otoko no mago: grandson

Ototo: Younger brother

Tousan: Father

Joou: Queen

Ou: King

Ouji: Prince

Oujo: Princess

Ichi: 1

Ni: 2

San: 3

Shi: 4

Go: 5

Roku: 6

Nana: 7

Hachi: 8

Kyu: 9

Juu: 10

Juuichi: 11

Juuni: 12

Juusan: 13

Juushi: 14

Juugo: 15

Juuroku: 16

Juunana: 17

Juuhachi: 18

Juukyu: 19

Nijuu: 20

Aa: yes, yeah, sure

Hai: Yes

Iie: no

Dare: Who

Demo: but, however

Doko: Where

Doushite: Why/how

Honto: Really

Itsu: When

Nande: What

Nani: What

Soo: Really (not sarcastic like honto)

Aho: idiot (used more widely in western Japan

Ai shiteru: I love you

Ano: Umm, well

Ara: OH my!

Baka Mitai: It must hurt to be that stupid.

Baka: idiot, fool (add Yarou: asshole)

Bakana: stupid (this is the adjective form or baka)

Chotto matte: Now wait just a minute!

Daijobu: okay, alright. ex. Daijobu ka?

Daisuki: I love (Badaku-san Daisuki)

Damarimas: silent!

Dame da; Dont do that! Quit it! It is no use!

Damera: Cut it out!

Erai: smart (of a person)

Ganbette yo: Give it your best! Keep it up!

Hanashite: tell me

Hayuku: Hurry up!

Hentai: Pervert

Hontou; honest, its the truth

Ikidemas: Lets go. (more polite. Girls use this)

Iku yo: were going

Iku zo: lets go

Ikuzo: Lets go. (the zo ending is used for boys only)

Ima yamero: stop that this instant!

Ima: now

Itai: Ouch!

Joodeki: Good job! Way to go!

Kaerimashou: Lets go home

Kekko Na: excellent

Kisama: the little bit dignified way of saying Temee

Kono ama: you dirty slut!

Konoyaro: bastard, jerk, asshole

Kowai: Im scared

Kuso: damn (add Chikusoo: Shit!)

Kusottare: Bastard, asshole

Masaka: No way!

Matte: wait!

Monosagoi: uncool

Moushi Moushi: hello on the phone

Nande koto wa: what happened?

Nande kuso?: What the hell?

Nani mo: never mind

Nanigoto desu ka?: Are you all right? How are you?

Omae o koroso: I am going to kill you!

Onore: Jerk, bastard

Saa: Okay, all right, well (used in context. Ex. Goku-saa)

Sagoi/Sugoi: although some believe it means cool it does not. It means amazing; wonderful or awful; terrifying

Shimatta: Darn! Oh no!

Shine: Die!

Shizuka na: Shut your trap! When I want your opinion I will give it to you.

Simpai Shinai: Dont worry about it.

Sou ka: is that so?

Sou na: ya, basically

Sou ne: isnt that how it is?

Sugui: weird

Suzushii: cool

Temee: basically means "you Fuck"

Wakatta: I understand

Watashi na otetsudai: i'm trapped in here

Watashi wa shinanai: I won't lie

Yatta: I/he/she/it/they/you/we did it!

Yurusunai: I wont forgive you. I cant forgive it.

Yusho: victory!

Zakkenayo: get out of my face!

Zetta! Omoidatta: I remember everything..

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