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Harmony in Chaos


Miracle of miracles, I've updated! Two sketches that I did at work that were pretty well recieved...
I wonder why my best stuff comes out in pen? Maybe because I can't really spend time fixing mistakes? *Shrugs*

There might be some new stuff up, but no links to it.
It's a treasure hunt! =P
Plus, got around to rolling over the (c) at the bottom.
And yes, I am still alive. Furthermore... 28 days!

Yes, I know it's late... and less. So I lied. =P
New sketch and CG in Visual.

Added a sketch of Oradi (Sans arms). Gotta finish up those Dogfight rules, clean up the sketch... Lots of stuff to do during vacaction!

Revamp and a content update! *Feels proud*
Never mind that I'm teaching this to myself with just the help files to go on... ^_^;;

Absolutely nothing happened today... uh huh... >_>

Wow, my first update... Cleaned out the sound files, added 3 pictures.

3vil Printer (Sketch) (Kinda an in joke)
"Can I have a cookie?" (Sketch)
Beer Monkey (Sketch)
Lucky Kitty (Sketch)
Ninja, in color!
Ninja, in pencil!
An unfinished, uncleaned sketch of Oradi... Normally, he's got arms...
A sketch of a friend, slightly altered.
The same picture, only CG colored.
A 5-minute desktop (1024 x 768), but I like it...

Err... come back later? ^_^;;

Big Eyes Small Mouth, by Guardians of Order, Inc
An Anime-style RPG system.
Some dogfighting rules I whipped up. (Untested) [[ Not Working Just Yet, Either ]]

Programming is a bit of a hobby of mine... I'll put some stuff up here as it churns out of the bubbling cauldron I call a mind.
Current Language: Java


Legalese: All stuff here not made by someone else is (c) Andrew Hruza, 2003. You can distribute it as long as you give credit where credit is due, and if you want to use it in some professional manner (odd fellow), just email me first so we can work something out (psshaw, right).