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cool virtual pet site
got boredom? a site to got to when you have time to kill.
it's peanut butter jelly time
pg of my site-yeah!!ps2 games!
another pg of my site-GTA:Vice City
unfinished pg of my site-anime
my poems, or a few...

Things about Life

Hello, all. I just started this site, and since I am new at this it will take me a while to learn all the HTML doodads, so bare with me until my finished product is available.

First of all, I will give you some info about myself: Favorite Color: navy blue. Favorite Foods: oriental food, seafood, and pizza/ cheesy foods Favorite Bands: System of a Down, Sum 41, Green Day, FooFighters, The Used, Linkin Park, blink182,and much more. Favorite Movies: Spiderman, Happy Gilmore, AntiTrust, and best for last : Austin Powers in Goldmember! Favorite Animals: Dolphins and Cats (domestic or non)
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