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News -N- Updates

July 27, 2002: Check out my friend Kourtney's site at Divine Winds. Gotta run!

July 24, 2002: I'm gonna be updating and putting more stuff on the site be on the look out.

July 23, 2002: Hi I've updated this site again! More pics in the galleries for ya!

July 20, 2002: I have a new email feature on here now in case anyone wants to email me.

July 19, 2002: I'm back! Do you like the special effects on this page? It's done with DHTML^.^ Oh, check out my friend Ukyo (and Lynx's) rpg, Dragonball EX. Anyway, my character on the rpg is Tatyana Yurvovsky. So...I (Tatyana) am dating Ukyo's brother Kenji, hehehehee. Enjoy his site...and mines. I also have some new midis on some of my pages. Bai bai.

July 18, 2002: I've added some more pictures to my galleries. I also have some new "Journeys" to follow. I'll soon be getting a guestbook. Matane.

July 17, 2002: Hey, I've added some new pictures to my gallery! Hopefully, I'll add some more pages later on. I also have a new section entitled "About Me." Check it out! Gotta run.

July 16, 2002: Hiya! I've added some hidden pages to my site! I consider them to be hidden because you can't get to them through this page ^.^ Oh, I also added some more pictures to some of the galleries. I'll soon be getting some more things to add, including a guestbook. One more thing..just because a picture has a small red "x" on it does not mean that it won't show up when you click on it. Enjoy the sights!

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