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Kelsie's Art

(title image is a picture of Ranma and Akane from Rumiko Takahashi's comic Ranma 1/2)Hey everyone! Welcome to my wonderful page of artwork. I probably know most of you coming to my page so hey there you people. Fist of all, as I will point out several times in the page, THESE ARE NOT MY CHARACTERS UNLESS I WRITE SPECIFICALLY THIS WAS MADE BY ME OR THEY ARE IN MY "MY DRAWINGS" SECTION! Thank you. Anyway, I hope all of you like my drawings, I'd really appreaciate anything you have to say about my artwork and I hope you'll write it in the guestbook! Well you didn't come here to see what I wrote so onto the artwork... ~*~KELSIE COOPER~*~
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Things about my drawings:

Ok so here are the pictures:

These are my drawings based on or of characters from Rumiko Takahashi's comic 'Ranma1/2' published by Viz Graphic.
These are pictures based on or of characters from Akira Toriyama's comics/shows 'Dragonball', 'Dragonball Z', and 'Dragonball GT' published by VizGraphic.
Pictures based on or of characters from Kosuke Fojushima's comic 'Oh My Goddess' published by Dark Horse.
These are pictures and characters drawn and mae up by me, any similarities to other characters from other comics or shows is just coincidental... I swear on Billy's life. (now you know that's a good promise)