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My Art

Note: NO STEALING!!! This art is my own. If you want some pics (though I don't know why) then just email me and ask, but if you want to post them on your site then you MUST give me cerdit!

2004 Art:

Yea... it took me a while to actually get a new pic up in here. This one features Naruto...being cool and sexy... mmmmhmmm... I also used this for the 10,000+ hits pic.
Um... this is the girl and boy from the 7650+ hits pic. Nothing special. Just.......them. Lately I've been drawing realistic people, so switching back to anime based people was a challange. O_o; I just realized... I need more challanges in life. Yay!

2003 Art:

A pic of Bikky from FAKE. Bikky is just extremely cool, so I decided to draw him! Woot! O_o; PSP is still not working, so I used colored pencils. Eh... I guess the coloring is "okay". Could be better. I still like the pic though, with an exception for the feet. *shudders*
Here we have a pic of Daisuke from Digimon 02. I suppose I am pleased with the way this came out. It's better than.... uh... something bad? >_>;
Here's a pic of Yoh Asakura, from Shaman King. He's so cool. This pic was for the 3250+ hits picture. Yippy! XD
This is the guy from the 2750 hits pic, and also my first posted work of art for 2003. I kinda like it I guess.

2002 Art:

This is probably the last pic I'll draw for the year 2002. Yay! It's the full version of the 2100+ hits picture... no text, just full sized picture. I know the shadows are screwed up, and his stomach.... damn it... why can't I spell? Why is the God forsaken school system preventing me from spelling right! WHY!!!!! ..... Look at the picture you woof monsters.
Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho! I just saw a picture of him in Shonen Jump, and he looked kick-ass good, so I just had to draw him! I'm surprisingly happy with the results.
I was extremly bored in school one day, so I just doodled a little, and this was what came out of it. I suck at guns. I really do.
Musashiden (Musashi) from Brave Fencer Musashiden. Love that game to death! And those swords are just so cool! Lumina! Fusion! ^_^
Zell, Cactar, and a Moomba! Zell is the coolest! Cactar is my favorite GF! Moombas are... just plain cute!
Squall! XD This is the best picture I have ever drawn of him.... which is kinda sad...
some guy in a bed I drew a while back.
Boxer dude!!! Some guy.... a stranger to me.....
A picture of Sonic the Hedgehog. VERY screwed up.
Kechii (spelled wrong!) from Ah! My Goddess. He's so cute! Just not in this picture.
I sorta like this picture. Tidus from FFX.
I hate this picture! Why I drew it I don't know... it's supposed to be Quatre from Gundam Wing.
Kamui is very cute, just not in this picture. You can't even tell it's Kamui!....... Kamui from X.
Same as the picture above, just in color.

2001 Art:

Good work Cheplo! MWAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!
A pool party of my little chibified cuties. *hugs* There's Tai (Digimon), Heero (Gundam Wing), Li (Casrd Captor Sakura), Genki (Monster Rancher), and Zidane (FF9).
Duo (Gundam Wing), Tai (Digimon), and Li (CCS). Three brown headed angels.
Yamato (Matt) from Digimon. I don't like this pic much. Hate the pose.
Damn you towel! DAMN YOU!
Not good at all, but I love Zidane.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the anime, video games, or manga that you see here on this site. The music, videos, screenshots, and midis are also not mine. Do not sue me for anything, becuase I have no money, and it would only be a waist of time. If something has been stolen from you and you want credit or whatever, then email me and we can talk. Email me at All art that I draw is MINE, so don't take it! I have no idea WHY you would want to take it, but hey. All fanart, fanfics, and reviews submitted by other people belongs to them, so don't steal that either.
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