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Light and Dark^^ Hi! I LOVE this layout. It really beats the old one ^-~ I looked everywhere for a good Bakura image and there weren't any. I wish I could make my own but I don't have the right program :( I like all the new animes which really sucks because it's hard to find stuff like pictures and graphics on them. I don't know what inspired me to continue this's such a waste of time. Maybe I'm just in that weird mood of mine again. < a href="">A Likeness


Look. it's SQUALLY!!! If you don't know he's a character from FF8. Anyway.Today I had to go to a wedding which REALLY sucks because the vows were so long and I could not walk right in the high heels. I'm just not a dress person. I had to be one of the people that walk behind the bride. Also, my cousins got to go to the after party and I didn't!! That's like the only good thing about weddings. My dad said that after parties were too wild and that it was meant for adults! I'm 14! I think I'm old enough to go to a party where my cousins' are like only one year older. Meh. My whole day wasted today. I need some ice cream ^^


I wish I had a good picture of Seto Kaiba I could put on this page but they are all so big and it would waste my space. Maybe I will have some of him later. Also downloaded the eppies I missed from last week's Buffy. They were soooo good. Anyways, I wish I could enjoy my weekend but I have a stupid project due very soon and I want to write more about it but finding info is so hard.

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So stressed today...I had three tests/essays to do in a row today. I did HORRIBLE on my Spanish test and it's frustrating because my teacher thinks I'm a model student and when I do bad it makes me feel REALLY bad. Like I let her down or something. It's my fault I didn't study much. I hate being a failure. Then since I didn't study I wasn't finished so I had to stay after class to do it but my next class was English and we had a TIMED WRITING! What luck~ So I basically rushed through the rest of the test and when I'm turning it in the bell rings. I have to sprint...with my class that's almost on the other side of the school. Now I have a science test tomorrow =( And the mile right before that *sad* I'm glad I'm keeping a blog so I can look back on this and laugh ^^


 It's sorta gloomy today because it's raining. Goes well with the song, huh? I've been getting people telling me that they want to read my I don't like people reading it's kind of personal. Anyway, Halloween is coming.. YAY!! My second favorite should all know why (mwuahahahah! SUGAR!!) Going to play tennis tomorrow. Eh I don't think I'm improving but even if I suck at least I have fun. That's the most important. Oh yah! When I was walking home in the rain today this guy offered me a ride. I was like 'no way!' Of course I didn't say that out loud but I just said that I liked the rain and walking in it was no problem. Talk about creepy. Well, I added 2 more poems today.

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Looks like I've neglected this blog for a while. I've been very busy I guess. ~ Good news is I am halfway done with my story. It's not turning out as happy as I would have liked and it's not that long either but I'm not giving up now. It's what keeps me occupied when I have nothing to do. That and poetry. I think too much. I also wish for too much. In other news, what freaks me out is that I fell asleep on the chair yesterday and in the morning I woke up in the living room couch with a blanket on me. I thought my dad had put me there when he saw me sleeping on the chair but he said he didn't. I guess I sleepwalk which scares me even more!! The reason this memory suddenly came back was that I had a dream and it was so freaky!


I'm back again. I've decided that it's too much work for me to make this page my blog so I am going to make another link for it. I'm also going to make a poetry page but it'll take me at least a month because: One; I have a TON of poems. Two; I have a lot of work to do if I want to get straight A's this semester ^^ I must not procrastinate. I'm in a fairly good mood  even though I did badly on my math test.


Bout Me

Real Name: Jessica
Sex: Female
AKA: Parmee, Kura, Kanku Tenshi
Religion: Christian..kinda
Location: California
Hair Color: er..multicolored? Mostly black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: dragon


My Fav Stuff

Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! and Inuyasha
Food: Nilla Wafers
Movie: Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter
Video Game: Final Fantasy 7 through 10
Books: Harry Potter, Joy Luck Club
Color: Blue
Anime Guy: Seto Kaiba or Ryou Bakura :)
Spare time: Reading, writing, poetry, internet..
What I hate: People who criticize me for liking....stuff, bullies, those who bend their fingers everywhere *shudder*, those who roll their eyes everywhere, certain guys who talk to trees...and being a disappointment to other people



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