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Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Crystal desu. Dozo Yoroshiku!

Hey there. I built this lil site b/c i'm obesessed with Inu Yasha.. can't u just tell? I'm always surrounded in my little world of anime, and i absolutly love Takahashi Rumiko-san, or Rumiko Takahashi whichever moves ur eva. She's responsible for a lot of fun anime such as the Mermaid Saga, Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkou, and now Inu Yasha. Its still airing in Japan which is even better..Hey, wait a min, this page is about me, if u wanna read more about Takahashi san, go here.

As for me, I'm 17 and i've been addicted to anime for a long time. I know this because it goes as far back as a little anime i watched when i was 3 called Unico (in America) and Unico's Treasure Island (or something like that) in Japan. I've watched stuff like Digimon,and Pokemon, but before that was Power Rangers, and Samurai Pizza Cats, and Aeon Flux, and Monster Rancher, and Speed Racer aka Mach GO GO! (the real one, not the crap they put on nickelodeon and call Speed Racer X). The first anime i watched where i knew it was anime was Akira back in 1997, followed by Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network, which i will abreviate as CN like i do in most anime forums, like AGN. CN was once god to me, and now it ruins everything. It took SM off around '99. I was upset, b/c i had only just then gotten into it. I had once thought SM was dumb. I was half right. The dub made it horrible. But i bought some fansubs and now i have all the episodes, movies, and specials..and memoribilia is slowly taking over my room. The first subbed anime i watched was Outlaw Star. I liked it on CN but i never saw it all in order, so i bought the fansubs off ebay.

Now i'm an otaku..i hate the word b/c it has evil connotations, but what can a girl do, ne? I'm teaching myself japanese, I want to become a japanese translator some day, and hope to study abroad in Japan. I also co-founded the anime club with my friend Bonnie, and its been awesome. There are tons of other people i've gotten to meet who share my obsession not just for anime, but for j-music. Like i like Malice Mizer,Dir en Grey, Glay, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, and many more, both making my love of J-pop and Visual Kei(prononuced kay) an odd contrast indeed. Music is gooood. I'm also going to Otakon 2003 in August, as Kagome. I'm gonna post pix as soon as that's over, and a whole page dedicated to the days i spend there. it should be fun.

Now that i've written u to death, 1 more thing..i have a sailormoon site, but its going to shambles. Its Here. Please don't laugh, i need to fix the pix when i get a chance. See ya around, Ja ne!

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