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Who ARE These People!!??

These are the characters from Inu Yasha, one of my three all time favorite animes. I love it sooo much! I hope you learn a lil about the characters from what i've posted, and enjoy. Pages   2  3  4

Inu Yasha

or Inuyasha, or Inu-Yasha, depends on how you want to write it)
Addressed as: Inu Yasha-sama (Myouga), Inu Yasha-niichan/inu no niichan (Souta), inukkoro (Kouga), Inu Yasha (everyone else)
Family: Father (deceased), mother (deceased), Sesshoumaru (older half-brother)
Facts: Inu Yasha is a hanyou (half-youkai/half-demon). From his father, the powerful dog youkai Inu Taisho, he inherits the sword Tetsusaiga, which can only be used in the defense of humans. With it Inu Yasha can perform the techniques Kaze no Kizu and Bakuryuuha. On the first day of the month, Inu Yasha loses his youkai power and becomes full human. His power returns in the morning. Inu Yasha is often accompanied by a flea youkai, Myouga (seiyuu: Ogata Kenichi), who has a vast knowledge but is also something of a coward.
Info: Hanyou boy is rude, stubborn, violent, arrogant and prone to use swear words (something like Ranma on acid). However, he is also honest and curiously childish, and hates sneaky tactics. Fifty years before he meets Kagome, Kikyou seals him in the sacred Goshinboku tree. Kagome takes out Kikyou's arrow, thus freeing him. He used to have feelings for Kikyou, and although he has grown more and more caring toward Kagome, old feelings die hard.


Addressed as: Kikyou-sama (villagers and other folks), Kikyou-oneesama (Kaede), Kikyou (everyone else)
Family: Kaede (younger sister)
Facts: Kikyou is a miko (priestess) who seals Inu Yasha in Goshinboku before she dies from fatal wounds. Fifty years later she is revived, but has become strange and somewhat evil. She is a skillful archeress and a competent doctor.
Info: Hardly anybody knows what back-to-life Kikyou actually has in mind. When she's in danger, Inu Yasha always rushes to her rescue, to Kagome's discomfort. Usually, however, Kikyou walks her own path, using her skills to help the sick and the injured.


Addressed as: Kagome-sama (Miroku), Kagome-chan (Sango), Neechan (Souta), Higurashi (Houjou), Neesan (Kouga's men), Kagome (everyone else)
Family: Jiichan (grandpa), Mama (mother), Souta (younger brother)
Facts: A fifteen-year-old junior high student, she is dragged into the past through an ancient well, meets Inu Yasha, and becomes involved in the quest for Shikon no Tama. Kagome is armed with arrows called Hama no Ya (Purity Arrows). She goes back and forth from past to present, carrying modern stuff from her own time such as her bike, flashlight, medical supplies and instant food.
Info: One of the most appealing things about Kagome is that she's got brains and actually uses them. She also has plenty of gumption. Kagome is falling in love with Inu Yasha, but feels she can't compete with Kikyou, who has once died because of him. An enchanted necklace around Inu Yasha's neck enables her to control him by saying, "Osuwari!" (sit).