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Hisoka's Anime fansubs distribution - distributing anime fansub since 1998!
Welcome to my fansub distribution site!

Irrashaimase! Hi, and welcome to Hisoka's Anime Fansub Distribution! As you can see, we're an anime fansub distribution site, distributing a variety of fansubs-from shounen to shoujo to romance to action, you name it. We used to be located in Kansas, but one of our members moved to New York, so 2 of us live in Kansas, and the other member lives in NYC. What are fansubs? Fansubs are anime episodes subtitled by anime fans. They translate them, and put the translations on the bottom of the anime episode, so we can understand them. A lot of work is usually required to translate, edit, and time an episode, so we should definitely appreciate fansubbers! We have been in business since 1998 providing fans with anime fansubs, and our goal is to spread our love of anime to others. We specialize on speed, our turnaround time is one week or less. We don't like waiting also! ^_^ Enough with the talking, eh? Read our rules page, go take a look around, and if there's anything that looks good, don't hesitate to request it! Also, don't forget to bookmark us!

Fansub Updates

Wednesday - 6.4.02      I decided to include a guide to Digital Fansubbing page for anyone interested in learning how to sub an anime episode digitally(subbing avis, mpegs, etc). It basically tells what software you need, the steps to subbing an episode, etc. I have fansubbed a few episodes myself for the past year or so, so if there are any questions dealing with subbing, feel free to email me.... So for anyone who's interested, go take a look! ^^

In addition, I also want to thank those who donated money. I'm very close to buying a brand new VCR, which was desperately needed because I've been using this VCR for a very long time now. Arigato people, and keep those donations coming.

Thursday - 5.30.02      I added a few more titles, and added a few more people to the status page. Again, folks, if you haven't waited at least 2 weeks, please do not email me concerning your order. It will usually come 1 week or less, but sometimes there are delays in shipping(especially after anthrax scares in the past) and it could take a few days longer.                                                                                                                           

Copyright (C) 1998-2002 Hisoka's Anime Fansub Distribution Disclaimer: This site is not meant to offend anyone, if it does, it is completely unintentional. If anything is irking in any way or have anything you would like to bring to my attention, please feel free to email me at, and everything will be done to fix the situation ^_^