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Music Videos - 11
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Son Goku! - 3.19 Mb - I've been wanting to do this song since I got Sonic Adventure 2, it uses the theme of Sonic (It Doesn't Matter) from Sonic Adventure 2. And it's all about Goku! For some reason alot of it's DragonBall, it just seemed to fit. ^_^
Nappa's Rating - Um, 4.5.... I think. Maybe a 5... not sure, but it was one of them. I'm tired.   -.-

Vegeta-San - 2.45 Mb - This music video uses the Piano Solo form Shenmue by Yozo Kishiro, which we think was used in some of Ryu-Sans dreams in Shenmue 1. Hmmm... the last 5 music videos were all by Vegeta... I should really stop being lazy and finish mine ^_^
Nappa's Rating - 4.5/5

Destiny Of The Hero's - 4.05 Mb - Well, this is my mundo music video that I finally got around to doing, it's set from the end of the Frieza to the beginning of Cell. It uses the song Destiny of a Hero, which is from Shenmue, I think it was used as the song on the credits for it. Although I could be wrong. Heh, anyway, download if you have about six minutes to kill... LOL, enjoy!
Nappa's Rating - 5/5

Piccolo San - 4.56 Mb - By request, here is the Piccolo music video! My friend, Piccolo, requested it and it has the song Unwritten Law - Seeing Red. So, um, here it is!

Get To The Gone - 52.9 Mb (DivX) *DOWN* / 12.7 Mb (RealPlayer) *UP* *LEFT CLICK* - It took a year of planning, but its finally here. Well, actually, it took me a year to go out and buy a dvd drive :P  There are many reasons why you should download this one, first of all, it is made entirely of DVD quality clips. Secondly, it is double the size of all the older music videos, at 320x240 ^_^. Better yet, theres a DivX version available for download aswell as the regular RealPlayer version.
Hmmm... I've been talking about how much you should download it, and I haven't even told you what its about yet :P It uses the song Get To The Gone, by Static X & is set around The History of Trunks movie, with Trunks & Gohan fighting the androids. So what are you waiting for? download it now!
DivX version down due to hosting problems :'(