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This takes place during Tenchi Universe, when the whole clan is on the abandoned Juraiian planet hiding from the authorities.
Please note: I think both Kagatos are mad-ass sexy and kick ass, but I know more about the first one. So, this particular Kagato may have more of a resemblance (power wise) to the first one. Please ignore. ^^*

Wait For Me

It all rushed back to him, painfully, before Kagato even spoke to him from the shadows. He could feel his aura and knew he was there, but the pain intensified once he stepped into view with a sardonic smile on his face. His old friend, his foe, his victim.

He was exactly as he had remembered him. Tall, dark, handsome, as everyone always said. Yosho had always thought he was beautiful, and found he still did. But he was darker now, and his energy was evil and angry. Yosho took a step back in spite of himself. He drew himself up quickly to cover his loss of control, and stared into the hate filled green eyes. [1]

“You came, Yosho. I knew you would.”

He was as arrogant as he remembered as well.

“So, you were behind all this.” It wasn't a question, but a state of fact- much as it hurt Yosho to admit. “Why are you doing this, Kagato?”

“Is that all you have to say to me Yosho? After all this time?” Kagato's smile faded, and Yosho wondered if it had ever even been there. “After what you did to me, that's all you have to say.”

The pain began again as Yosho recalled- against his will- when he had killed the man who now stood before him. A part of himself had died that day, and that part now burned anew as he witnessed the miracle of this man, living and breathing, standing mere yards from him. But the miracle was bittersweet. Yosho knew he'd have to fight him again. He knew he would have to kill him again. His old friend, his foe, his victim.

He tried to block out the images of fire and their energy swords clashing, blue against green, in the battle they both knew only one would walk away from. Yosho had wanted so badly to make Kagato see his error, save him before it was too late. But Kagato was too proud, and would not back down. So the clashing continued with escalating fervor until Yosho felt his blade slice into the other's body.

Yosho, standing before Kagato in the ruins of an ancient Juraiian planet, closed his eyes on the image. The wound felt new, fresh to him, as if he had cut himself just now. He recalled the look on Kagato's face as he stood- never so weak as to fall to his knees- dying. He had the same small, secret smile that he now wore. A tear tried to leak out of his eyes as he heard Kagato congratulate him on his victory, before he turned to vapor, wasting away to nothing in the inferno.

‘This place has too many memories…’

Yosho opened his eyes as he felt Kagato's aura move nearer. He stood very near to himself, looking down at him with a very shielded, serious expression. He flung his right arm out, slinging his cape off to reveal his open, gloved hand. The power base of his sword appeared.

“I waited for you Yosho. I waited such a long time. In the dark nothingness of space, I thought of little else than the day I would face you again.” He closed his hand and the blade of his sword sprung forth. “So I could send you to the same fate you banished me to.”

In an instant, by instinct, Tenchi was in Yosho's hand, ignited.

“You don't have to do this Kagato.”

“Oh, don't I? Are you just afraid you'll lose, now that you've grown so old?” The smile returned to his beautiful face, and Yosho was saddened, just like the first time.

“I didn't want to kill you then, Kagato, and I still don't.” He held his sword at ready, nevertheless.

“Then why?” Kagato cocked his head to the side. Banishing the blade of his sword, he slowly crept closer to Yosho.

Yosho stood stock still, held immobile by icy eyes. No, he couldn't bear killing him again. But there was no choice, was there?

“Don't know?” Kagato raised his eyebrows, surprised. Yosho couldn't tell if it was feigned, but he could tell that Kagato was beginning to get angry. “Well, if you don't know, why should I even bother speaking to you. FIGHT!” In a heartbeat his sword was in his hand and he made a downward swipe that Yosho barely blocked.

The energy of their swords crackled like lightning, and they broke apart, each landing several hundred yards from the other. As soon as he landed, Yosho shielded his eyes from an onslaught of wind. He laid his arm down, holding his sword in front of him once more.

Kagato was blurry. Everything was blurry. Confused, Yosho took his glasses off- and everything was clear. He looked down at himself, at his young body.

“No…” He whispered.

“Now, shall we try this again, Yosho?” Yosho drug his eyes up to Kagato, who glowered at him over the black-red glow of his sword.

“No, I can't do this again…” He whispered again, but from the barking laugh, he knew Kagato had heard him.

“But you still can't tell me why, can you Yosho?”

“Because…because you're my friend.” Yosho, uneasy, tried to firm his voice. “Despite it all, I still consider you my friend.” Kagato shook his head and chuckled.

“No, I'm no friend of yours. I mean to destroy you and everything you hold dear. I'm not your friend, Yosho.”

“Then you tell *me* why!” Yosho yelled. He felt a desperation in him. He was losing his calm, all because Kagato knew something he didn't- something he wanted to know.

With a green flash, Kagato had teleported a mere few inches from Yosho. He gasped and staggered back a step, but Kagato followed.

“I thought of nothing else than the day I would see you again. For hundreds of years, I thought only of you. You haunted my life, you sent me to my death, and there- you haunted me as well.” Yosho recognized a desperation in him as well. “You were everything. And now, you're here…and nothing's changed. You still haunt me, and you still don't know *why* I was always there, thinking of you. You don't know *why* you can't stand the thought of reliving that battle.” Kagato quickly turned his face away, but Yosho saw his expression, his pain.

He reached out a hand and rested it on his cheek. His skin was cold and hard, like marble. He remembered the warmth of his skin when they used to spar, and Kagato would help him to his feet. When they would shake hands or pat each other's back. He unconsciously crept closer, gently prodding Kagato's face to return to him.

He did, but his eyes were downcast and would not meet his. There was an anguished frown on his face and his teeth were bared as he held back his emotions.

“Kagato.” Yosho spoke softly. Kagato's eyes met his. Light to dark, sorrow to sorrow. Yosho moved closer still and felt the soft, panting breath of the other on his face.

His eyes roamed the strong lines of Kagato's face, re-memorizing. He knew this face. This was a face he loved. He cherished this man.

“You love me.”

Kagato's eyes narrowed and he pulled away.

“Love and hate are very similar, Yosho, and I'm not the same as I used to be. Be careful.” There was warning in his words, but no malice. Yosho held out his open hands, palm up.

“You always loved me, Kagato. When I-“ He swallowed audibly. “When you died, my heart died.”

Kagato looked at him, seemingly impassive, but shielded.

“You waited so long for me and a large part of me waited for you.” He reached further, resting his hand on Kagato's cheek again. “I love you, Kagato. I didn't want to kill you, I *don’t* want to kill you. And I don't want to fight you because I love you…so much.”

Kagato smiled again.

“Well, you finally noticed. You have no idea how I've longed to hear you say that…” His smile turned into a frown. “But sorry doesn't cut it, and this is about 500 years too late.”

An explosion rocked the ground, and through his pained screaming, Yosho could hear Kagato laughing. No, he wasn't the same as he used to be.

‘But neither am I.’

He teleported some distance away and found himself looking down at Kagato from behind. Steeling himself for something he didn't want to occur, he formed a large ball of energy and shot it down at his foe.

‘My foe, my love, my life. I can't do this to you again. I can't do this to us…’

The second explosion roared with the fire of the first, and Yosho could hear nothing else. Once the light died down some, he looked down into the decimated remains of the ancient ruins. Fire like lava bled through cracks, and the meager plant life smoldered and turned to ash.

He saw no body, and was at once relieved and heartbroken.

“Why does it have to be this way!” He yelled into the night. Images all around him were blurred by the heat waves. Or were those his tears impeding his vision, he wondered. His thoughts were interrupted by Kagato's sourceless voice.

“Well, we both may have changed, but your aim is still terrible.” He laughed and Yosho couldn't help but chuckle as well. It was almost like it used to be. Almost.

Yosho felt the blast coming and turned to block it. It was a diversion, he realized as Kagato flew up behind him and pinned his arms to his sides. After a few moments of struggling, Yosho stilled in his iron grip, breathing heavy. His breath halted completely when Kagato's hot mouth clamped on his neck.

He moaned and the mouth ran up his long neck, sucking on his ear lobe. Kagato nibbled lightly before releasing it and returning to his neck. His breath restored to him, Yosho gasped and wiggled in the powerful arms, arching his neck to allow better access without even realizing it.

One of Kagato's hands released his arm and traveled slowly down his abdomen. Yosho thrust his hips forward, moaning again, and Kagato roughly gripped Yosho's sex. His thick fingers massaged the clothed, straining length. Yosho alternated between grinding his hips against the hand and the firm cock behind him.

Kagato growled deep in his throat, moving to nip and suck at Yosho's jaw. Yosho slipped his free hand behind Kagato's neck, holding him closer and bracing him as he thrust wantonly. He could feel a great pressure mounting in his groin, and he almost screamed from the delicious torture. He'd not experienced this ever since his wife had died, when his daughter was still a child. But this was Kagato. His love was doing this incredible thing to him, and the wonderfulness of it made him shudder.

Kagato squeezed harder, adding his own moans and thrusts to the mix. Yosho's head rolled and his eyes slid closed. His own thrusts became frantic, until he was pounding against Kagato as his heart pounded in his chest.

“I've wanted this for so long.” Kagato gasped in his ear. “Wanted you…so…bad…” His voice died out as Yosho turned his head and captured his mouth.

Hot, wet, slick tongues dueled, driving as far back into each other's throats as they could go. Yosho groaned and Kagato growled as teeth came into play. Their lips separated but their tongues never left each other's. His grip lax, Yosho turned in Kagato's arms, facing him. Kagato's hands tangled almost painfully in his hair, and Yosho's hands gripped his hips, keeping their grinding motion going.

The feeling of the thick cock pressing against his rear was overshadowed only by the feel of it rubbing against his own erection. He could feel great waves of heat rolling of the body beneath his hands, and he longed to feel that entire body this close, without the barrier of clothes.

He slowed down his rhythm, slowing down Kagato's, as he felt his climax about to peak. Kagato twisted his hair and grunted in dissatisfaction. Oh, how Yosho wanted this.

Their lips pulled apart wetly, and they stared into each other's flushed faces, breathing heavy and their bodies rocking lightly. Yosho's eyes, black with passion, roved over the fine, solid lines of Kagato's face. Gods, how he loved that face.

Kagato's own dark eyes closed briefly as he bent down and captured Yosho's lips in another brutal kiss. He loosed one hand from his black hair and ran it down the small of his back, finally cupping his rear. He ground their bodies together hard, watching the erotic reactions on Yosho's face.

“Yesssss.” Yosho hissed, moving his hands to squeeze broad shoulders. He felt like he was falling, but he didn't want to. Not yet. Not with his clothes still on. Their bodies remained tightly connected, unmoving. The pulsing heat so close to his own drove Yosho mad, and his moans turned into open-mouthed exclamations.

Another hard grind of their hips and Yosho cried out loudly.

Kagato felt like he was going to burst from Yosho's sounds alone. His eyes rolled as his partner's body shuddered against him. They were both so close, and it had been so long. But Kagato had learned many things, and restraint and patience were two of them. Yosho would wait as he had, and suffer as he had. Timing his pounding motions to his own waves of nearing orgasm, Kagato continued to torture Yosho, delighting in the responses.

“Uh uh un please uh mm mm” Yosho continued on, balling up his fists, trying to pull Kagato closer. Kagato squeezed his ass and lowered his head, sucking on Yosho's adam’s apple. Yosho threw his head back, crying his pleasure to the cold night sky as the earth below them burned.

“Grandpa! Grandpa!”


Aeka and Tenchi's distant voices sobered the pair, and Kagato quickly dropped Yosho, teleporting to a patch of nearby ground that was shrouded in shadow. Standing on his feet, Yosho- still breathing heavy and his body singing- stared off after him.

“Don't run away, Kagato, I beg of you.” His voice was different. Everything was blurry. He sank to the ground, his aged, wrinkled hands shaking.

“Grandpa!” Tenchi ran up to him, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. “Are you alright?”

“I'm fi-“ Aeka's gasp cut him off. He looked up to see Kagato approach them menacingly.

“So nice of you to join us, princess.”

“It's you!” The sounds of others coming to their aid was drowned out by the hum of a space craft.

A colossus of a ship, black and red, lowered, and opened a portal and releasing a bright light. The intensity nearly blinded Yosho, but he saw the beam encompass Aeka and lift her. Laughing, Kagato began to rise. Yosho struggled onto his rubbery legs.

“No! Kagato!”

Beside him, Tenchi called to Aeka and she answered back with a plaintive cry for help. The others had arrived, and Sasmai's panicked voice added to Aeka's frightened calls.

“Come and get her if you like.” Kagato called down. He spoke to Tenchi, but Yosho could feel those eyes on him as well. “I'll be expecting you on Jurai. That is, if you can manage to get there in one piece.”

Tenchi and the others called up protests and promises of vengeance. Yosho bowed his head and closed his eyes.

‘An invitation? I will not disappoint you.’ He looked up in time to see the massive ship gain altitude and disappear amongst the stars. ‘I will make it to you, Kagato. And this time…I *will* save you.’


Man, I enjoyed writing that…^______^ Mm…Ka-ga-tooo….

[1] They looked kinda blue in the series, but my action figure says they're green, so ::raspberry::