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Okay, another update, this one's pretty big actually...

-Added chapter 5 of Fallen Star to the Crossover section

-Added chapter 2 of Run Away in the Crossover section

-Added a new story called "Lionheart" to the crossover section. It's a Final Fantasy 7 and 8 crossover.

-Revised Heirloom prologue and chapter 4 slightly

-Changed the music to a song submitted by Pike Folte, thanks for the request!

That's all for now



Again, sorry for taking longer then I said. Here's the update for today:

-Added prologue, revised Parts 1-3, and Part 4 of Heirloom in the Ranma section

-Changed the music

-Added a new link

-On a side note, the game Virtua Fighter 4 just came out. I heartily recommend it if you own a PS2 and are a fighting game nut. It's tough though, so be warned. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.



Sorry, for taking so long with this update, a lot of computer problems combined with writer's block and my own laziness are the culprits. But enough about that, here's the new stuff:

-Added a new chapter for Fallen Star in the Crossover's section

-Added a new Lunar story in the Video Games section

-Changed the music as always

Look for another update very shortly, possibly in a day or two...until then!



Not a massive update, but I'm working on a lot of stuff right now, both fanfic and school related, so sorry about that. Anyway, on with the update.

-Added a new Golden Sun story. It's in the Video Games section.

-Changed the music

That's all! Until next time...


This is where update information will go in the future. For now I just want to say thanks for visiting. Make yourself at home.




You are currently listening to a song called "To Far Way Times" from the game Chrono Trigger, by Squaresoft naturally. An old one but an excellent song regardless. Anyway, the song is once again done by Yosunori Mitsuda, one of my favorite composers, who has done Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, and several other game soundtracks. I will probably change the music for this site roughly once a week, so check in every now and then and see what's playing! And if you want a particular song for yourself, or have a request for one on the page, just e-mail me!




Otherwise known as blatantly ripping off things that belong to others illegally, well, it would be if the author actually made money off of it, which I can assure you we do not. This makes up the bulk of the site at the moment, and is separated into many categories. The biggest being Crossovers right now. Have a look, you might find something interesting. Oh, and series that have only one fic to them are placed into the Misc. category.



Ranma 1/2


This is where all of my fanfiction for the anime series known as Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi can be found. Besides being probably my overall favorite anime and manga, Ranma 1/2 defines what creativity is all about. From the sheer wackiness of some parts, to the loveable yet flawed characters, to the quirky and sweet romances. This series speaks out to each of us. Each and every character is special in his or her own way. Ranma himself, the main character, is a literal representation of the concept of yin and yang. I strongly urge anyone who hasn't seen or read Ranma 1/2 to do so, as it is the definitive anime in my opinion.


 Favorite Ranma couples at the moment:

Ranma and Kasumi

Konatsu and Ukyo

Ranma and Akari

Ranma and Ukyo

Subject to change depending on my mind changing.



We all have dreams. Dreams of the future, dreams of what we want to do with that future. For some of us, we have something to represent those dreams. It can be anything really. Some item that might be seen as silly to one could very well be the thing that gives us hope for the future. That single item might be the one thing that allows us to keep smiling and carry on even when things seem to be falling apart around us. So what happens when that item is destroyed? And by someone we care for? Presented for your enjoyment is my first Ranma 1/2 fanfiction ever published.

Prologue: "Wedding Night"

Chapter 1: "Kasumi's Heirloom"

Chapter 2: "Mistakes"

Chapter 3: "Guilt"

Chapter 4: "Return"


Ranma's Pig Tale

A Ranma fic with an unlikely pairing.

Chapter 1



A fic that asks the question "What if Ranma Saotome never existed?"

Chapter 1


Maison Ikkoku


Welcome to the Maison Ikkoku section of my page. Here you will find fanfiction by me from the wonderful, yet usually overlooked series by Rumiko Takahashi. Many find this series boring, as it does not have world threatening aliens, or deep philosophical discussions, or even a decent fight. But I personally believe that therein lies its greatest strength. A perfectly ordinary story, that strikes a chord in anyone who's ever experienced love. The struggles of Yusaku Godai, and his pining for the beautiful yet mysterious Kyoko Otonashi makes one shake their head in sympathy. Maison Ikkoku doesn't have the elements that make other anime successful, but that doesn't matter, because it stands on its own merits. And they are numerous indeed.


The Guy in Room Number Five

It's all about choices. Life is determined by our decisions. But sometimes its not just our life that's affected by our choices. When Kyoko Otonashi, widow and manager of Maison Ikkoku makes a fateful choice of who she wants to marry, it sends Yusaku Godai into five days of seemingly endless hell. But perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the young former ronin. The light in room number five…

The Beginning...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

All My Life

What would you do if you got something you always wanted, but it turned out that maybe it wasn't what you wanted after all? When Yusaku Godai, bitter over Kyoko's mixed signals, and seemingly endless devotion to her dead husband, gets sent to the past, he finds himself becoming a much more respected individual, and an object of affection to a younger Kyoko. But does he want the younger, or the older version of his manager? Of course, he also has to try and cope with all the changes the years can make. The Maison Ikkoku of the past is a lot different than the one of the future...

Part 1


Crossover Fanfiction


Here I have archived all the work I have done for what is perhaps my favorite genre of fanfiction. That of the crossover fic. I just love to combine series, particularly in romantic ways. Crossover couples are lots of fun, and can sometimes be better matches than couples within canon. Anyway, this will probably be the largest fanfiction section on my page, but enough talk, come in and enjoy.


Current fave
crossover couples:
Ranma and Belldandy
Ranma and Kyoko


The Truth About Kasumi

A Ranma/Ah! Megami-Sama! story

Things are not always what they seem. A dying mother is granted a single wish by a young Goddess, and events are set in motion that will change the life of Ranma Saotome forever. What if the one you had finally grown to love turned out to be someone else? Would that person still be the one you cared for, or a stranger? Presented here for your hopeful enjoyment is my first crossover fanfiction, and my personal favorite fic that I have written.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8


Sidestory 1: "One Day..."


Demons and Angels

A multi-crossover featuring Ranma

In a world where magic exists, and humanity is at war with an army of darkness, a lone warrior, carrying a sword of light, fights to destroy the darkness, but not every demon is in plain sight...nor is every angel...

Prologue: "Past Loss"

Chapter 1: "Here's Ranma..."


Home is Where the Heart Heals

A Ranma/Maison Ikkoku crossover

Ranma finally realizes that his whole life has been a joke, including the supposed love Akane held for him. Trying to leave his past behind him and move on, he leaves Nerima, and the martial arts behind, and moves into a certain, special little boarding house. There he meets the new manager, who is still clinging to the past and won't allow herself to forget. These two individuals will soon learn that they can't run from the past, or the future, and Ranma will learn that he cannot run from who he is...

Chapter 1: "Farewells and Meetings"

Chapter 2: "The Secrets We Hold"


Fallen Star

A Ranma/Gundam/Nadesico crossover

It all ended for Ranma Saotome in a bright flash of light. His hopes, dreams, his very future, all destroyed in the blink of an eye by the carelessness of a Gundam pilot. Now, with Nerima obliterated, and the war between the Earth and the colonial Zeon Forces escalating, a corporation known as Nergal takes matters into its own hands by launching a super battleship, codenamed the Nadesico. Ranma Saotome finally gets his chance for vengeance when he finds himself acting as a mobile suit pilot for the experimental Aestivalis aboard the Nadesico. Now he can finally avenge the others by defeating the winged Gundam...

Chapter 1: "Set into Motion"

Chapter 2: "Vengeance Is All I Have Left"

Chapter 3: "Why Can't I Just Forget?"

Chapter 4: "Irony on the Battlefield"

Chapter 5: "A Brief Reprieve"


Eternal Ranma

A Ranma/Lunar crossover

Ranma just can't seem to catch a break. After getting an even worse report card than usual, he is confronted by none other than the Goddess Althena. Althena begs him to save her world of Lunar, and along with the offer for a cure to his curse, Ranma heartily agrees to help. He is sent to Lunar with amnesia, and found by a young man about his age named Hiro and his flying pink cat Ruby. After living with Hiro, Ruby, and Grandpa Gwyn for a while, Ranma begins to have bizarre flashbacks and memories, then, he and Hiro explore the Blue Spire, and meet Lucia, and the adventure begins...

Chapter 1: "Ranma on the Moon"

Chapter 2: "Mysterious Girl"

Chapter 3: "The Journey Begins"


Brave New World

A Ranma/Saber Marionette J crossover

Far in the future, a young man awakens to a world not his own. With only brief glimpses of a past he once lived. Was it all a dream? He does not know. He soon finds that getting into trouble however is something that comes naturally to him, and where are all the women on this planet anyway?

Chapter 1: "Awakening"


Run Away

A Ranma/Dead or Alive crossover

Ranma is a ronin, and after leaving his past behind, he comes across a mysterious girl with the same name as someone from that past. And whether he likes it or not, he soon becomes embroiled in her struggle for survival against her own clan, and the worst case of sibling rivalry he's ever seen. Oh yeah, and where do all these voluptuous women keep coming from?

Chapter 1: "Two Lost Souls"

Chapter 2: "Enter the Female Tengu"


Guardian 1/2

A Ranma/Final Fantasy X fusion

Ranma is the star player of the Nerima Wreckers, and life is great, but then he is sucked into another world, and gets a weird curse to boot. Now, life isn't so great. Course, then he meets a beautiful summoner...

Chapter 1: "My Story"

Chapter 2: "The Kind Summoner"  (Unfinished)



A Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 crossover

Squall lies in the abyss, having just defeated Ultimecia, but unable to find his friends, and unable to keep his promise to Rinoa. But then he finds himself in a strange new world. A world filled with odd crystals that grant magic, and an evil corporation...there he meets a band of rebels, fighting to protect the planet, and he is once again drawn into a conflict witht he fate of the world hanging in the balance...

Chapter 1: "Sowing the SeeD of Fate"


Video Game Fanfiction

This is where all of my Video game fanfiction is stored. I've been playing games since the days of the original NES, but have only recently started to write about them. Although the advent of newer and more powerful systems is great and all, I've always preferred a good story or gameplay to great graphics or effects. So I tend to favor older games and especially RPG's, as they are the best genre in my opinion. Anyway, on with the fics.


Dragon's Fate

A Breath of Fire II story

After the battle of DeathEvan, the Destined Child was forced to become a dragon in order to seal up Infinity. But what about the ones he left behind? Two women in particular mourn his loss every day. But now Bleu senses something amiss in the Gate region, and gathers the heroes to investigate, but what will they find? And who is the mysterious Goddess in the painting Patty found?

Chapter 1: "Return"


I Have to Smile...

A Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland story

Jack the farmer bids farewell to his true love. Will she ever come back? He can only hope...Hope and smile...

Part 1: "I Have to Smile"

Part 2: "I Can Smile Again"


Christmas on the Moon

A Lunar Christmas tale

The story of two generations of heroes and their Christmas, with one experiencing both...

The story


All's Fair...

A Suikoden story

For as long as humanity has existed, we have warred against each other. The very concept of war is to fight over something. Some, revel in it, others despise it, but war is as inevitable as the rising of the sun, and as horrific as anything imaginable. Lives are forever shattered by it, and even children are drawn into it at times. When two young men, friends since childhood, are sucked into a war between two countries, and become the leaders of the opposing sides, it seems that their friendship is lost for good in the ashes of conflict, but when they war, not only over land, but over the same woman whom they both love, it will change things between them forever...

Chapter 1: "Meetings"


You're Not Alone

A Final Fantasy IX story

A story that shows a different side to a certain rat-tailed thief, and a Princess as well.

The story



A Thousand Arms story

Meis is depressed, and only a certain young lady by the name of Sodina can cheer him up. Sort of mushy, just to warn you.

The story


Muddy Earth

A Golden Sun romance story

A short little story about Isaac and Mia

The story


Alex's Grief

A Lunar: SSS fic

A rare insight into a surprisingly overlooked character's mind

The story


Miscellaneous Works

This is where everything that is either unfinished, or just not really part of the above categories is located. Have a look, there's a lot of variety here.


Blue Hair and Love

A Nadesico love story

Akito has always pretty much ignored the feelings Yurika stirred in him, but what happens when he simply cannot anymore? And what about Megumi, Ryoko, and the rest of the crew? Plus, after failing in battle, Akito finally snaps. All the anger and frustration he's felt since he was a little boy comes screaming to the surface, and the result is not pretty. Now everyone's afraid of him, everyone except the girl with blue hair...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


No More Running

A Gatekeepers story

After the events of episode 9, the Gatekeeper Captain Shun Ukiya feels his morale plummet, but he knows that he has to be strong, that he has to be a leader. He just wishes someone would help him. Sometimes the thing we're looking for is right in front of us the whole time...

The story



A Ranma/DBZ story

Unfinished and not too good. Just something I wrote on a whim. Basically the battle against the androids, but with the Ranma cast instead of the DBZ one.

The story


The Strength of the Weak

A Rurouni Kenshin story

An AU story about what might have happened if Soujiro Seta gained a positive role model instead of a negative one back when he reached that fateful turning point in his life...

The story



A poem about the pain of loving someone you cannot have

The poem


Clash of Honor

A simple and not very good sonnet I wrote a while ago

The sonnet


A New Day in Yokosuka

A Shenmue story I have yet to finish, but will someday...

The teaser



A very bad poem I wrote a long time ago

The poem



Leaving so soon? These are links to various other sites that I like. Including other fanfiction places, picture archives, or whatever else I feel needs to go here. I hope you've had an enjoyable stay at my site, and look forward to having you here again, so without further ado, here are the links...


This is an excellent Ranma crossover website that is well-maintained, loose on the flashy stuff, and happens to post some of my work, so stop on by, and let Tannim know how cool the site is!


This is another excellent Ranma crossover site that also posts some of my work. It's updated pretty regularly so check back often.


This site is a favorite of mine, because it supports one of my favorite anime couples, Ranma Saotome and Kasumi Tendo. In fact, it's the church dedicated to them! And if you don't happen to like these two together (Shame on you!) then don't worry, it also has a lot of other cool stuff too.


This one's a no-brainer. It's the capital of fanfiction on the web. It has the largest, and most comprehensive archive of fanfiction anywhere, period. Anything from anime fanfiction to boyband fanfiction (yuck!) can be found here.


This is a really good Ranma fanfiction archive. Comprehensive to an extreme, and really well organized, this is a great place to find Ranma fics.


Please note that all images, sounds, and whatever else I use on this page are the property of their respective owners. And on the off chance that you might want to use my writings for something, just ask first.