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A parody of the song

"It Wasn't Me"

(by Shaggy)

As sung by Gendou Ikari
Written by Gabe E. (me :D)

GENDOU: open up man 
FUYUTSUKI: what do you want man? 
GENDOU: yui just caught me 
FUYUTSUKI: you let her catch you? 
GENDOU: I didn't know she knew the password for the military operation room 
FUYUTSUKI: with who? 
GENDOU: Naoko Akagi, the scientist working with me in the construction of Magi 
FUYUTSUKI: man... 
GENDOU: I don't know what to do 
FUYUTSUKI: say it wasn't you 
GENDOU: alright...

chorus 1 (GENDOU) 
yui came in and she caught me red-handed 
kissing with Ritsuko's mom 
Now I think that she will know I'm cheating
That she's not my only one 

i wish i didn't give her the password to be inside this room 
i saw her she looked angry, there's no doubt she'd wanna kill me too 

How can you grant yui access to the command centa 
Now yer gonna get it Gendou you know she's a killah
You know that when Rei finds out she too is gonna get ya
Now let's see if we could rescue you using the Eva 
To be a four-timer you should be fast and quick
Just go for two, you went for 4, are you sick?!
Your babes are Yui, Naoko, Ritsuko and Rei 
The only way to get out is to say you are gay 

chorus 2 
GENDOU: but she caught me with Naoko
FUYUTSUKI: it wasn't me 
GENDOU: saw me banging with Ritsuko
FUYUTSUKI: it wasn't me 
GENDOU: Saw me kissing with Ryoko 
FUYUTSUKI: who the heck is that?
GENDOU: Come on help me here, Kozo 
FUYUTSUKI: It's al yer fault 
GENDOU: She saw me and Rei together 
FUYUTSUKI: it wasn't me 
GENDOU: Our hands were all over each other
FUYUTSUKI: it wasn't me 
GENDOU: She heard Rei's moans getting louder 
FUYUTSUKI: it wasn't me 
GENDOU: And then she came in and killed her 
(chorus 1) 

I had tried to keep her from what she was about to see
Now I think I am dead and I think Shinji won't rescue me 

Then tell her it was Kaji and not you who was cheatin'
And then you'll see Misato give Kaji a strong beatin'  
Then you'll be out of the problem can't you see 
Just pray that Ritsuko won't tell Yui
But you know when she finds out there's one thing she will do
Ride atop an Eva and then go after you
But beware because if all of them find out
There will be four Evas chasing you no doubt

(chorus 2) 
(chorus 1) 

i wish i didn't give her the password to be inside this room 
i saw her she looked angry, there's no doubt she'd wanna kill me too 

Gonna tell them I'm so sorry for me cheating like that 
I just hope that they would put down those big steel baseball bats 
They're looking at me right now like i did something so wrong
I hope they won't beat me to death when we finish this song 

(chorus 1)

There's more to come, folks! I really hope you like them Gendou pics though.

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