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"Stan"/"Shinji" (as sung by Gendo and Shinji) (feat. Rei) My fatherís mad Iím wondering why I I work for NERV at all Blood of an angel on my window Last night I fought them all Angels, kill them, that's what father says 'said I should defeat them all It reminds me, that heís not that bad heís not that bad [1st Chorus: volume gradually grows over raindrop background] [2nd Chorus: full volume with beat right after "thunder" noise] [Shinji Ikari as 'Shinji'] Dear dad, I wrote you but you still ainít calling Misato and Ritsuko told me that youíll see me soon or sumthin I met two eva pilots, but you might already know Ďem maybe you were busy with work in NERV or SEELE with that Keel Lorenz Sometimes i think that you don't care whather i callya father But anywayz, what you up to, how's the evas? I'm glad i am away from NERV and i don't even bother I think i want a dog, guess what i'me call it I'ma name it Gendo I know that it's yer name and that I say i'm sorry I dunno maybe i miss you after all, call yerself lucky I know that you were the one my mom picked as her leading man You think I din't know what you did back then when Gehirn ran I got an album with our picture as a family then But what the shit now you don't care about a single thing Anywayz, I hope you get this dad, write me back just to know, truly yours, son from yui This is Shinji [Chorus: Rei] [Shinji Ikari as 'Stan'] Dear Dad, you still ain't called or wrote, are you guys still alive I'm thinking - Maybe a new Unit-01 pilot has arrived If you want to replce me cud've informed me sooner You didn't have to, but i hope you remember that you aremy father You left me back there man, when i was six years old I waited years and years for you, 'found you and you felt so cold Oh god i hate you man - i am your son from yui I know you loved my mom so much, You love her more than you love me But i accept that, I just don't like being rejected Remember when I left for this - you said if I'd write you you would write back - see I thought you realized back there that for your son you should care further thanks for loving mom and not once even hurt her Now i can relate on why you hurt so very much So when I think that you are bad, I look at pics of our past Cause i don't got anyone else but you, but are so insensitive I think you only care about rei and not anyone else Sometimes I even wish that now i could just disapear for me it's paradise to die and just go where she is I know what you say is true but i cannot stop the hurtin' I think rei likes you cause she talks about you 24/7 And i know she undertsands you like i know you, dad, yes i do When I was born i felt you close to me when i was growin up You gotta call me dad, Or i'll be a part of you that you'll lose Sincerely yours, Shinji --P.S. I think that mom would like that too [Chorus: Rei] [Shinji as 'Stan'] Dear Commander-I'm-Too-Evil-To-Write-My-Son this'll be the last package i'll ever send to NERV It's been six months and still no word - Where's everybody? I know you got my last two letters; I sent them to NERV rather early So now I don't care I'll be there, I hope i see you I'm in Misato's car, I'm driving to there on the freeway Hey dad, Even though evas are fighting, i dared to drive You know the song Komm Seusser Todd, "I Wish I Could Turn Back time?" about that person who was too weak to save life from reuniting but didn't, then he saw it all, at the end he was alone with nothing That's how it is, you coulda guided me from the beginning Now it's too late - angels evas close to my car fighting and all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call I hope you realized that I burned our family pics...burned them all I know yer my dad, we coula been together, think about it You threw it all now, I hope you can't sleep and you dream about it And when you dream you see the death of mom and just SCREAM ABOUT IT How she was eaten alive by the Eva and you can't breathe without her See dad; [*screamign angel and evas*] DANG ANGELS! I'm tryin' to talk Hey dad, the angel is getting closer to the car They almost got me there, Almost crushed the car, See I ain't like you I'm makin' an effort to record this message and give it to you Well, gotta go, I'm almost close to NERV see? Oh shit, Is that an angel heading straight towards me? .. [*brief silence*] .. [*LOUD explosion and screaming sound*] [Chorus: Rei] [Gendo Ikari as 'Eminem'] Dear Shinji, I meant to write you sooner but NERV's been busy You said you still have our pics, back when we were a family Look. Now i truly realized that I was really wrong and here's a pic of me and your mother In her arms you were having nap I'm sorry if i felt so cold along, I musta missed yui Don't ever think I did all that cuz I didn't love you But what's this shit about Rei being loved by me not loving you I say that shit that just ain't true c'mon - i'm doing this for our family too You should come back here Shinji, I gotta tell you something Ritsuko and I have come along to get married some And what the damn is this shit that I am so evil? Don't you know That i have changed my ways to save all one another I really think you should come back here to meet your new mother or maybe meet yer frieds to get together I hope you get to read this letter, I just hope it reaches you in time before you feel more hate, I think we'll be doin just fine if you've realized i changed, I'm glad we'll be together again So don't be so mad, Try to understand that I want to be yer dad I just don't want you to think you've been rejected I seen this shit on the news a couple of weeks ago that made me sad Some kid was mad and drove the car under an angel when it was fighting with our eva, so he was crushed without a clue and in the car they found a tape, but they didn't say who it was to Come to think about, his name was you Damn!