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Well, Now You'll Know What Gendou and Ritsuko do whenever NERV goes to sleep...heheh

(and no, it's not whatever nasty thing you are thinking about :P)

Gendou: Aaaahhhh...It's just so great being able to dance the night away like this after sitting in my office aaaall day long.

Ritsuko: It sure is. But Gendou...just how do you do it? You sit all day and still, you're so smoooth on the dancefloor.

Gendou: Heheh. Don't tell Kozo, but i secretly practice my steps with my feet under the table.

Ritsuko: (No wonder I keep on hearing dance music all day long in his office...Not to mention some tapping too, despite the fact that all he does is sit there all day)

Gendou: Were you saying something, my love?

Ritsuko: Nothing..heh...heh...nothing, honey...