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The Capture of the 2nd PokAngel Adam

Our story begins after the successful capture of the 1st PokAngel Lilith. We have our 2 heroes, Yui and Gendou (who have been happily married for some time ^_^), searching and waiting for the coming of the Second PokAngel Adam, on the borders of Tokyo-3.

Everything in the area remains peaceful and quiet for the following days until...

The arrival and attack of the Second PokAngel!

(Remember how the Pokemon in Pokemon would usually shout out their names when they talk? Heheh...well, here's my take on that. Show them what kind of PokAngel you are, Adam!)

(Hee hee...poor Fuyutsuki...)
Sounds like he'll do anything to at least appear in a scene for more than the usual 1 minute appearance.
I guess he's begging for some more camera time too :x.

HEEEEEY!!! waittaminute!!! Fuyutsuki really IS in these scene...thank God the camera man flinched sideways a bit or else we won't even know that Kozo's just beside Yui and Gendou...heehee, my bad.

It looks like our heroes will finally make their move on the 2nd PokAngel!!! But what will happen next?!!! Will they ever catch the PokAngel Adam?!!!
(okay okay...i know that we already know what's gonna happen next, but hey, i wanna make it spine-tingling and nerve-wracking..not to mention full of suspense, you know :P...after all, this is my site! NYAAA :P).

So what are you waiting for?!!! Go on to the NEXT PAGE!!!

Let's all go and catch 'im on Page 5!!!

PokAngels!!! GOTTA' KILL 'EM ALL!!!
or in other words...
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