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If you thought Gendo can't get any better...

You're wrong!

After Eva Unit-01 accidentally stepped on gendo in one of Shinji's trainings, Gendo Ikari's body ended up completely damaged, meaning that he could die in any second. The NERV people who witnessed the evnt, Fuyutsuki, Ritsuko, Hyuga, Aoba and Maya, though they ressent him in some way, just had to do something to save him since he was the only one who could unlock the 3rd impact. He needed new organs fast...Yet there wasn't any available and a hospital with parts to spare is unsure. So they didn't have any choice, but to turn to the bodies of the angels they've gathered in their previous fights with these beings since studies showed that they were actually 99% human.
You know what happened next...
Life on NERV was never the same...
And the transformation in Gendo, evened the odds in their fight against the angels ;).
After all, who would mind having all the angels in one by your side?

Because now, Gendo could:

  • activate an impenetrable AT Field and at the same time amass muscle strength in his limbs like the angel Sachiel. Pretty useful in the annual muscle man tournament in Tokyo-3.
  • Slice anything without effort like shamshel. unfortunately, until now, he still can't cut a tomato in half without squishing it...tsk tsk.
  • attack anything no matter how far or visible it is if it is sensed to pose any threat. That's why there aren't any mosquitoes in NERV.
  • swim and attack underwater like the angel gaghiel. No wonder everyday, they take him to tokyo bay to catch fish. And he'd caught big ones too. And ever since the operation, he's been Japan's contender for the swimming division in the olympics.
  • stand enormously high degrees of temperature like the angel sandalphon. Too bad for Shinji and the others, he already eats the cookies while they're still super hot, leaving nothing for anyone.
  • infiltrate any computer system by dividing into small microscopic particles which could adapt to anything. No wonder Shinji suddenly fought against an opponent that looked like Gendo while playing FinalFantasy2015. Shinji admits that that enemy kicked his butt and had unlimited MP and couldn't be defeated. When we asked Gendo about this, he refused to admit that he used a gameshark when he entered the game.
  • make anyone relive their most painful memories by entering their mind, like the angel arael. Very useful in torturing Kaji when he steals some NERV stuff by reminding him of those times he ran around NERV naked when he got drunk, and how some people actually took advantage of it.
  • kiss guys like the angel comment. Very useful in asking favors from Keel Lorenz and Fuyutsuki though (*shudder*).

  • There's more to come, folks! I really hope you like them Gendou pics though.

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