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More than 15 years in the making...

With special special effects which made Starwars: Episode 1 and The Matrix go "Why didn't we think of that before?!!"...

Starring actors and actresses which have been clinically approved by NERV*

Directed by: Gendou Ikari
(and no, it's not a boring film featuring some guy sitting on a desk, speaking through his hands for 26 episodes)

Produced by:
Keel Lorenz
(the big guy with the moolah...and yes, that's the only reason why NERV keeps up with him)

NERV Productions presents:


End of Evangelion

After the 3rd Impact which resulted to the rebirth of mankind and NERV itself, Gendou Ikari together with his talented crew members, actors, actresses (and i'm talking about Shinji, Misato and company here whether ya' like it or not :P) and of course the filthy rich guy known as Keel Lorenz decided to make a blockbuster hit movie from the events that occured during 3rd Impact.

Unfortunately, since Gendou, the cast and his crew members don't really have any background whatsoever in movie making and didn't know what the heck they were doing while shooting the film, the movie didn't turn out as it was expected to be. For short, it came out as something of a dark comedy, a nonsense spoof of the 3rd Impact which actually shows a computer generated giant Pac-Man and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man devouring the people of planet earth, as a sign that 3rd Impact has come.

My Interview with the director, Gendou Ikari:

GABE: Who wrote the script and the plot?

GENDOU : Shinji

GABE: Why Shinji?

Gendou: Because he saw more of the 3rd Impact than me.

GABE: The movie turned out far off from what really happened. In fact, in the movie, It was Stay Puff Marshamallow Man and a giant Pacman who devoured the earth.

GABE: Do you think these were really the things that Shinji saw during that event? You know, the appearance of the giant Pac-Man and Stay Puft Marshmallow man? Or do you think that he only saw these things initiating 3rd Impact because he was high in 'pot' at that time?

GENDOU: Shinji was using pot?

GABE: Yes, it came out in his blood tests.

GENDOU: (No wonder Shinji looked wasted most of the time......)

GENDOU: ............But people are gonna buy that PacMan and Marshmallow Man bit, right?

GABE: No. We are not that stupid.


There's more to come, folks! I really hope you like them Gendou pics though.

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