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Shinji + Naked Rei clones + Curiosity +
a bunch of friends, namely Asuka, Touji, Rei, Misato +
Kensuke Aida's video cam + Kaji's knowledge on these kind of adolescent "things" +
Yui's freshly baked apple pie =


(fresh from Tokyo-3)

After Shinji discovers the naked Rei clones underneath NERV, he also discovers the other thing that makes an adolescent's life "interesting".

With these curiosities bugging him all over his frail body, he then turns to NERV's major love machines, Ryoji "Johnny Bravo of NERV" Kaji and Gendou "the big guy" Ikari for guidance, tips, tricks, gameshark codes and walkthrus regarding little Shinji's awakening. With the help of Asuka, Rei, Misato, Ritsuko and Yui's deelicious apple pie, Shinji then finds the one true thing in the world that makes a him a very...VERY HAPPY man. And we are fortunate enough that our camera-loving friend Kensuke, had hidden cameras all over NERV to record all of Shinji's "exploits" down on tape for all of us Eva fans to see ^_^.

Unfortunately for our friend Shinji, Gendou discovers why Shinji keeps on going to NERV's Dummy Plug Basement every night. He then follows him underneath NERV to find out what he's been doing to his Rei clones....The BIG question though is....What will Gendou do to Shinji when he discovers what Shinji's doing to his other Reis? Will he beat up Shinji to a pulp...or...join in for....JUST WATCH IT AND SEE FER YERSELF!!!

A scene from the movie:

GENDOU: Use the force, Shinji. Do not let your sword and your rage lead patient and listen to your heart.

SHINJI: Dad, could ya please cut the StarWars crap and let me do this on my own. After all, I'm kinda uncomfortable with you around.

ASUKA:'re asking Commander Ikari to leave? Then I'm leaving too. I'm not gonna be a part of this baka thing anymore. After all, my back and legs are starting to hurt and the Commander was the only one who was turning me on anyways, and not YOU, SHINJI!!!

SHINJI: Don't say that, my self-esteem is "shrinking".

ASUKA: Come on, Commander Ikari.

*Asuka and Gendou leave the room.

*Shinji sees the pie on the table.

SHINJI: Well, I guess I have no choice but to do it with the pie again. I didn't know this sort of thing was this tough.

There's more to come, folks! I really hope you like them Gendou pics though.

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