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Who the heck is THIS?!!!

Gendou's daughter?!!!
A Gendou wanna be?!!!

Oh wait...

it's just me

Gabe says: "Strike that Gendou pose now, or miss the experience of being sneered at by your friends, being outcasted and exiled by your family and by being voted as the loner of the what are you waiting for?! Be like Gendou and somehow, some way, you might also end up thinking about being reunited with a love one by destroying everything that is meaningless to you...yay!"

So what are you waiting for?!!!
or if the line is busy, call

By calling this number, you will receive a pair of Gendou glasses, white gloves (Micheal Jackson like gloves also available for that glittery Gendou look) and the 100798 page book of how to do the Gendou look ( rhymes).


The Gendou pose is a copyright of Gendou Ikari, Tokyo-3 Man of Mystery
Myself is copyrighted by me because that is me, Cmdr. Gabe E..