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All Alone...with Nowhere else to go!!!

So how do you Eva fans feel now that you've discovered the mystery behind the Gendou, Yui and Kozo love triangle? Pretty shocking, isn't it?

But what will happen to Gendou next? Kozo's guarding him day and night and he's trapped with nowhere else to go!!! Not to mention that that Kaworu still keeps on sneaking up on him in the shower ever now and then to get some free "peeks". Poor, poor Gendou....Looks like it's just up to me, Gabe the BattouMage to get him out of there (and well, maybe keep him all to myself after that...heehee ^_^).

*straps on her mandalorian-ish armor, borrows the jet pack from boba fett too and gets her shtuff ready for the infiltration of NERV*

I'm coming, GENDOU!!!

*runs towards NERV base and as she reaches NERV's boundary...*

*KZZZZZZZZZZKTZZZZZZKTZZZZZZZZSHRAAACKT!!!!!* i know....that Fuyutsuki....also electrical barrier around...NERV....eheh....heh.....Next time,

The End...or Not The End?
Only Time Will Tell

*This revelation on their love traingle wasn't made for the purposes of scaring Eva fans off their pants, making little children cry, turning off the Fuyutsuki lovers out there, polluting the "innocent" minds of eva fans, encouraging kidnap plans for Gendou Ikari, making people surround their houses with electrical barriers and making you guys hate Kozo, Gendou or me ^_^.

Or you guys could just forget everything that you saw and pretend that ya' didn't see anything. That way, I won't get sued if ya suddenly have nightmares of Fuyutsuki sneaking up on you from under the covers.