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Here are some stuff that Gatekeepers uesd.

Toyota UP-15

This is a Toyota UP-15 used by Ukiya Shun. It is also known as Sports 800. This car had been modified for Shun to drive at speeds more than 300 km/h.

Citroen DS-21

This car's efficient engine, high fuel capacity, and impressive hydraulic suspension all allow the Commander to travel to any local destination with speed, and more importantly, with style.

Tour Bus

It's one of AEGIS's most formidable weapons.When converted to combat mode, the bus becomes heavily-armored and opens at the top for easy deployment of AEGIS personnel and weapons.


A modified F-104 jet, fitted with a rocket engine.This plane is light and fast, powerful enough even to skim the edges of space.

CH-21A "Shawnee"

The CH-21A "Shawnee" transport chopper is useful for its speed, stability, and high cargo capacity. This is the vehicle that "Specs", AEGIS's chief mechanic, normally uses to deploy the Gate Engine and other AEGIS heavy equipment.

Gate Engine

it uses a built-in Gate Ability Amplifier, this device can increase a Gate Keeper's abilities many times over.