Tiara's F.Y.I;For Your Information

Tiara's F.Y.I

Tiara: Hi! I'm Tiara and welcome to my F.Y.I section!

Japoro: *scurries on to Tiara's shoulder* ...And I'm Japoro!

Tiara: *glares at the ferret* Japoro, this is my page! Shoo! You'll have your own time later.

Japoro: Why are you so mean to your partner...?

Tiara: Will "You're an annoying pest" work for an answer?

Japoro: ...

Tiara: Like I was saying...this is the F.Y.I section, what Shamanic Princess is all about. I've got information on us characters, the storyline and a bit of extra stuff. Before I forget to mention, be sure to go to the Omake;Extra page to learn about my sister series, Mahou Tsukai Tai!

Japoro: *scratches his head looking confused* But you already are a magic user.

Tiara: I thought I told you to scram a long time ago!

Japoro: Okay, I'm going, I'm going...sheesh!



The Extra Stuff