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What Shamanic Princess is all about. Storyline, characters (seiyuu included), and any other information.

The things I put up on the site for all of you and their dates.
Lena's Media Garden Miscellaneous
Lyrics, Mp3s, midi, and Video Clips Merchandise, Polls, Winamp Skins, and more!
Kagetsu's Other Section Yord's Image Gallery
Items, Incantations, Dictionary, and anything else that doesn't fit any other category. Pics of your favorite Shamanic Princess characters.
Fan Page P.S (Your Name Here) is number Site Meter to visit me! Don't forget to Sign my guestbook before you leave. Das all for now, so have fun and come back again soon! ^_^V Ja ne! Omake; Extra
This is the page where you, the fans, get to show off your talents with Fanart, Fanfiction, etc. Mitsuru Hongo (the creator), Atsuko Ishida (character designs), A Graham page (A li'l page I dedicated to Graham. poor guy doesn't get enough attention and he's one of the coolest characters!) and more!
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