Lots of stuff


Japolo: Welcome to the Miscellaneous page!

Tiara: Here we have--

Japolo: Wait a minute now, it's my turn to speak! You have your own page and lots of others! You told me I'd have a page too.

Tiara: I was only kidding Japolo. You're not important or popular enough to have your own page.

Japolo: How can you be so cruel to your partner? *sniffs* Do you want me to get the Elder on you?

Tiara: Uh...well...*sweat drop* Fine, it's all yours.

Japolo: I knew you'd see things my way.

Tiara: *grumbling something while walking away*

Japolo: *clears throat* Okay! We have lots of nice stuff for you here! Merchandise, polls, winamp skins, gifs...and hopefully more to come! Please enjoy yourselves.



Winamp Skins