Lena's Media Garden

Lena's Media Garden

Lena: *Stops playing her flute* Hello everyone. This is Lena's Media Garden!

Leon: Here you'll find music, lyrics, video files, and sound files.

Lena: Did you know I'm the one playing the flute in "Kaze no Matsuri" ?

Leon: Miss Lena, I'd like to believe you, but there is no certainty that you are the one playing the flute in that song.

Lena: Shhh, Leon...they don't know that...

Leon: So it would seem.

Lena: (Gee...I sure hope nobody heard that...) umm...enjoy! And please know that you're always welcome in my garden.

Leon: *pulls a microphone out of nowhere and starts singing* BEJEGERIYAE BEJEGERIYAE kyou wa kaze no matsuri BEJEGERIYAE BEJEGERIYAE kage wo fumanu you ni

Lena: *Grabs the microphone from Leon* NA-SHANNA-SHAN NA-SHANNA-SHAN yawarakai sekai e NA-SHANNA-SHAN NA-SHANNA-SHAN

Both: Hitomi tojite...

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Sound Clips

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