Ah! They're multiplying!o_O


26 sites and counting! ^_^V

Note: There are a few Shamanic Princess sites that are just named Shamanic Princess. To distinguish the different sites with that name I've just numbered them 1, 2, 3 and so on. And before I forget to mention it, the sites are in alphabetical order.




Akadot.com-The dubtrack: Shamanic Princess English Review Site
Anime.mikomi.org: Shamanic Princess English Review Site
Anime Shrine of Outlaws: Shamanic Princess gifs English An Anime site really, but I linked to the page that has the Shamanic Princess gifs.
Central Park Media: Shamanic Princess English The official U.S Shamanic Princess site.
Digital Angel's Shamanic Princess Page English Has a nice image gallery.
Emi's Winamp Skins Page English A Winamp skin page with only Shamanic Princess skins
Jaded Xev's Anime Favorites: Shamanic Princess Index English Just a little page that contains images of Tiara and Lena
Julie's Shamanic Princess Anime Review English The title says it all.
Lunaregina: Shamanic Princess English Info, images, and SP stuff in hiragana and katakana.
Reviews: Shamanic Princess English Review Site
Review of Shamanic Princess [AJAR] English A Review Site
Seraphic Princess Spanish Review Site
Shamanic Princess-??????? ???????? Korean Introduction, character info, storyline, images, miscellaneous, and links.
Shamanic Princess (1) English There's really nothing much here, but a couple of pictures.
Shamanic Princess (2) French Review Site
Shamanic Princess (3) English Review Site
Shamanic Princess (4) English Has some nice gifs!
Shiawase Winamp Skins-Misc-Shamanic Princess English A Winamp skins page with Shamanic Princess skins in their Miscellaneous section
The Guardian World~Shamanic Princess~ English Character info, images, storyline, secrets, and a special page dedicated to Sarah!
Shamanic Princess: The Outer Reaches English Character info, images, media, fanart, and links.
That Anime Page With no Name: Shamanic Princess English Info, character info, images, music, and links.
The Cute World: Shamanic Princess English Info, character info, images, music, and links.
The Lake of Shamanic Princess English Storyline, characters, images, etc.
Tiara's Dimension English The best SP site I've seen! Storyline, images, character info, links, media and more!
Tiara's Guardian World English Info, images, merchandise, miscellaneous, and links.
Untitled Document English Contains a few Shamanic Princess images.