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Winamp 2 Skins

Right click on the picture and save in your winamp skins folder, then use winamp to open them.
Asuka In Yellow Sundress
Asuka With Red Sundress Turn
It's Gendo!
Shinji & Asuka
An Adult's Kiss
Touched By An Angel
17th Angel
Girlfriend of Steel
Rei in Kimono
Manga Rei
Ikari Memories

Desktop Wallpapers

Click on the picture to open the wallpaper you'd like then right click and set as wallpaper.
Sexy Misato
Alternate Rei
Misato & Kaji
Evangelion Team... Strike!
Shinji and Rei
Ghostly Rei
Evangelion Team
Visions of Rei
Asuka and Rei
Misato Katsuragi
Pretty Rei
Motherless Children
The Many faces of Misato
Children's Wish
Chibi Nonsense